Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Advent Calendar Christmas Cards Dec. 4

The newspaper card shown, was from my dad and his boss.  His job was at a newspaper in Minnesota.  And this was the card that they had in 1961.
Christmas cards!  Back in my youth I remember our family always receiving what seemed like LOTS of Christmas cards...shiny with glitter and beautiful scenes and pictures.  I remember once when Christmas was over and my mom got a Christmas card sales book.  It was thick, probably 6 inches thick if not more, (at least my child's memory says so!) and it was full of many samples which mostly were glittery and beautiful.  I used that book and cut up the cards and made all kinds of projects of great importance with them....and then suddenly I got this itchy, awful rash all over my arms.  It was awful!  What caused it?  Guess what, the glitter on the cards that I was playing with.  I still remember that till this day.  It took a little while to figure it out but then we did and away went my beautiful cards and along with that went the itchy rash.  To this day, everytime I see a glittery card I remember!  It's funny sometimes what we do remember and that made a BIG impression on my little mind.

We always had many cards that my mom would always display in the living room.  Cards from Germany from relatives we hadn't seen for years.  Cards from my parent's friends and neighbors.  Cards were a big part of the season.  I remember my parents spending long hours writing cards and Christmas letters to everyone, and back then there were no copy machines to make things less time-consuming.  Then each one was hand written or typed and written especially for that recipient. 

For many years in my married life, Christmas cards were individually written as well.  But slowly the xeroxed Christmas letter came into play saving many tedious hours of writing and trying to think of what to write.  Just signing your name was hardly worth the cost of the postage stamp, it had to be really worthwhile!  Now on my computer I see the Christmas letters of many years past in English and in German.  They serve as a little journal piece of my life.  In fact in my journal, they are now included as I have retyped all my journal pages into my computer.  After all, who would be able to read my horrible hand-written chicken scratches. 

This year I haven't even written the yearly xerox letter.  I am tending to think most of my friends and relatives are following my blog, so a yearly re-cap may be not so necessary as all the important stuff is on my family blog.  So a fast Christmas email may be all I do except to those who have no computers, which is just a small handful of people.  Over the years, the amount of cards that I receive and put out to display has also declined, so I guess its a general trend.  In some ways nice, because we are so busy, and in other ways sad to see that tradition slowly going away.  As long as we still manage to stay in touch with friends and loved ones, that is the main thing!

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