Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Polish Internet Options

I was not lucky enough to find any internet wifi  connections in Poland in the areas where I was.  I kind of had a feeling that this might be the case.  My friend at work told me what she did for that problem last year in Germany and I was happy to be able to do the same type of thing in Poland. 
I worried a little about communicating with home while away, either by email, phone or other option.  This is what I did to get the internet.  We went to a store where Polish cell phones are sold and they told me to bring in my laptop (actually it was a netbook, nice and small and very light weight) to determine whether it had a modem or not.  We took it in and the woman there said, yes I had a modem and would only need the sd card to put in the slot where the battery was housed.  There indeed was a slot and it fit in there fine.  She configured it and sent me on my way.  We got back to Danuta's apartment and nothing happened.  No internet, nothing.  So we called her back and she said she was sure there was a modem, but would give me my money back.  It was about 20 zl if I recall.  We got the money back went to a nearby shop called "Play" another cell dealer in Poland and they had the modem and the worker installed it, and it worked and then we had to buy the sd card which was to last one month.  The whole thing cost about 80 dollars, US.  But next time, I won't need to buy a modem, only the card and they weren't too expensive.  However, the internet connection was not quite fast enough to support talking on Skype, although you could talk, just with an echo and other disturbances.  But in a pinch, it was OK.

Another way that I was able to communicate would be my blackberry email.  Before I left home, I checked with T-mobile and they had an email service that could be turned on during the time I was roaming so that I could receive email without the extra roaming fees.  I get lots of email and so needed that badly.  The fee was about $19.00 and so I went with that.  I could send and receive email without limits to my phone.  Wish they also had a cheaper phone rate for overseas...

Another thing I did was to buy a $30. phone card from Costco.  I used it last time and this time.  You can use people's home phone or the phone at the hotel for which I was billed 1 zloty.  Apparently there is probably a 1 zloty fee at home phones in Poland also as they do not have free local calls like we do in America.

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