Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More on Francisca Kalus

Well, 2 nights ago I tried to find the man who submitted the names to New.familysearch.  It wasn't available at the website, so I went online and tried to figure it out.  I did.  And the funniest part was, his son lives about 5 minutes drive from me in Alpine.  I called him and he said his father does a lot of genealogy and submitted all the names I found.  He immigrated about  1 year after my family and lives in Idaho.  Because he is older, the son suggested that rather than phone his dad, I write.  So yesterday I sent him a letter.  I am waiting to see how we are related.  It is interesting.

Today the weather was cooler and actually quite nice.  At work we had our yearly "Outback" picnic.  They started this about 5 years ago, having a picnic in the fall in the back area behind the library.  The first couple of years they grilled burgers and hotdogs, but then they switched to sub sandwiches.  And everyone was happy with those, and salads, ice cream and drinks.  Last year they had us come out by name in alphabet groups.  That put Sylvie and I in the last group to go out.  They had run out of everything.  So this year we went out early right after they started serving.  We made it in time and got some lunch.  Our manager, Ruth, was helping in the food serving and said that they started running out of food abt noon or so.  So we were happy!  Well, nothing else new or worth writing about, so this is all for the moment.

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