Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Poland Pilgrimage Day 7

Poland Pilgrimage Day 7 Part 2

Well, today was a busy day at the archives. We took Theresa to Piekary Slask on the way and she stopped at a bakery (Piekarnia) in a town called Ziglia to get poppy seed cake. And this was a famous bakery. She bought Danuta and I both a piece and we dropped her off. Then we went on to the archives. We were about 15 minutes early. It seems to take about 1 hour to get there and Gliwice is about the same. We were able to see the Hohenlohe-Ingelfingen collection today. The index along stood about 12 or more inches thick. I picked many sources that sounded good to me and then found an unexpected treasure of many of my ancestors listed in there for one reason or another. I ordered the books and got tons, They really treated me well and again the 5 book rule was not adhered to. Thank goodness for me.

After we finished we went to pick up Theresa. My relatives are having even more company on Sunday over nite, so we are staying at the Koschentin Palace studio apartments for one night. Danuta and I will then go to the Katowice archives for one more day of study. Thereafter to the Gliwice museum to pick up a book we wanted Wednesday but had no time to pick up. It is about the Jews of Gliwice. If it wasn’t for the really bad road conditions it wouldn’t be such a problem, but we will try. Then after that we will drive to Opole to stay over night at the Mercure hotel for three nights. We had to change our reservations just a little bit and then on Thursday we will head back to Warsaw and get there in the evening. Then Friday if needed I can shop or pack and get ready for the return flight on Saturday.

I decided to not go to Kamien. It is a really long drive and I wasn’t sure that it would be worth it because Danuta called and Gerard’s wife said that they were not able to find any old pictures.

So tomorrow I will drive around locally looking at the towns of my ancestors and taking pictures. Nothing heavy duty. So that will be nice to do. I have found some amazing records. I hope that I will be able to receive the copies that I requested because they will be amazing.

Tonight Weronika is here while I type and she is watching Harry Potter who since the last time I saw it, has really learned to speak Polish well! He really is amazing!

She was shy at first to try and speak English that she knows and her mom says that she has now loosened up quite a bit.

As usual today, Danuta made an excellent secretary. You really need one for all the forms to fill out. I found many of my ancestors had arrest records for thievery, drunkenness, guns, abuse, racial discrimination, etc., Boy, it is crazy, is it not?

It has rained all day, but isn’t too cold, though. Tonight after we returned from the archives, we went with Jan to the Koschentin Palace and picked up some souvenirs and then the owners took us for a tour of the palace rooms. They were very nice and clean and newly renovated. They were renovating a big hall on the main floor, as well. They rent the rooms like a hotel and downstairs there are banquets, weddings, etc. This is where Hohenlohe-Ingelfingen lived back in the day. They were the local nobility. The palace is right across from the forestry building and I never noticed it before. It is quite beautiful and large. I wonder if Great-grandpa Franz was there and walked those same halls as did I today.

I had to do some hand washing tonight.
I think that is everything. Love the archives and what they have there. I had no idea, not even a clue. This has been a great experience for me. All for tonight. I don’t think that I will have an opportunity to post till Monday unless I charge the computer and go to the church at some time. For some reason I get my internet connection there.

I almost forgot, the 86 year old sister of Jan and Marysia, Eleonora died in July of this year and 2 days after she had a leg removed surgically she died.... 
The blog stuff is all written in Polish so I always hope everything works right!

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