Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Saturday, April 16, 2016

A New Useful Site Especially for Polish Research

I was excited to be told of a new website that has some very useful helps for Poland.  This site looks to be a new and upcoming one that can help the genealogical researcher very much.  There used to be a Polish site called Ksiegi Parafialne.  We were all saddened when it suddenly ceased to exist.  Well, here is another one that is a bit different but could prove very helpful.  This is the link.  It is not known to me yet who created this site but I think I could guess perhaps...hmmm is it a secret???

Well, on the Polish map you will see the region listed and then some numbers.  You will also see that there are websites below the map with the corresponding numbers.  There are getting to be several sites with Polish online records and it is not always clear to people which areas those sites might have images for.  So this Shoebox site makes a clarification.  Yeah, that is cool.

The Basia website that is mentioned here is also cool as if you click on it you will see the word "obszar".  Click there and then there is a list of all the places that have been indexed.  Yeah what a great help that is.  It's wonderful to see these wonderful advancements with Polish research.  

 Nogowczyce, Poland

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  1. Once again, another fantastic link ! The unifying of the information about the Polish databases is much needed and glad to see this progress (-: