Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Random Stuff!

Well, just some little things to remind me of the time of year we are now in.  So here are some recent pictures!

So yes, it snowed it Utah and then after the snow storms, the temperature dropped to super low.  That made it icy and slick conditions.  Because it was so cold I have not taken the train to work since.  I can't stand waiting in the cold, wind or snow.  It's too hard for this grandma!

At work it's starting to look like Christmas, too.  The people in the book order dept. brought over goodies.  Notice there isn't much left. 

Heidi does all our decorations, each year.  This year we have a Scandinavian Christmas tree.  She always does a wonderful job of decorating.  Glad that is her job and not mine!

Above is my little cube Christmas!  Since I have to live here as my home away from home, I like a little festivity!

 This is part of the largest set of nativity pieces ever.  It must be the whole town of Bethlehem!
Here is one of the many nativity sets on the B-1 Floor.

The annual office Christmas party went through several changes of plans before we finally ended up doing what we have done over the years.  Lunch at the Lion House with a wild and rollicking game of "White Elephant"  and somehow we really get some very "white" elephants.  This year was no exception.  I often wonder what the Lion House people think of our rowdy little group of people!

Here we are at Timberline Jr. High waiting for Tyson after his DANCE performance!  Yes, that's right, Tyson danced!  It was for the program of a class he was in.  He isn't a Brecklyn, by any means, but he held his own and it looked like he was having fun.  They performed in 2 numbers.  As Jamie said, I bet you never thought you would be coming to something like this!

And here come "the boys".  All 4 of them!  Sorry it's blurry, my cell phone isn't the steadiest, or is it me???

Then last nite, because I had gotten the random ticket win for the Motab Christmas Choir, we went first to the Lion House, that is Jamie, Tyson, Brecklyn and myself and had a nice little dinner.  Tyson seems to enjoy Salmon.  The rest of us no.  The rolls were fresh, and tasty! 

Breckie had the kid's meal of chicken strips and mashed potatoes, rolls and RED JELLO!
And as maybe you can see, or not, she will be singing the famous Christmas song "All I want for Christmas is my 7 front teeth!"  Yes, it is a wonder this child can even eat!  But, better now than later.  And when they come in, "if they ever do" she gets those wonderful things called braces, like her handsome bro!

So here we are waiting for the show to begin.  Notice Tyson making a face for the camera.  Little did he know I would be posting it!  Jamie is preparing a lesson while we wait.  It was a nice program and that is the last week or two in a nutshell.  One more week and I have vacation!  I love having a little time off!  I think we all need it now and then!  Till later!

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