Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Saturday, October 6, 2012


This is the new Soccer stadium, where they had the World Cup.

From farther away...
Danuta's place on the left, 5th floor.

Danuta enjoying a Polish-Italian Wienerschnitzel type meal.

Warsaw flea market where I found some nice linens and things.

They also sold lots of used clothes, but I wasn't too into that.  There were lots of booths and vendors today.

This kitty didn't mind all the people at all.  You can see some old "stuff" being sold here.

Sylwia likes this sort of thing and also lots of antiques are of interest to her.

This was a new place in Warsaw as we returned from see the protestors.

Where we went to buy some souvenirs but had to do it fast due to the oncoming protestors.  The protest was about raising the age of Soc. Sec. to 67.  Sound familiar?

The little soldier statue.

Dancing fountain like in Breslau that has music and lights.

Across from the new science museum.

The science musuem is below
Here is Sylwia and kitty.  She is a very active kitty!

She lives here at a sort of Baptist Church foundation in sort of dorm-like rooms.

The grounds where she lives.

My prized shot!

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