Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Nogowczyce Visit

We went to Nogowczyce which is a small town in the parish area of Jaryszow.  This is the town where my ancestor, Eva Palus was born.  And the records of the parish of Jaryszow, as my regular readers surely know, were destroyed towards the end of the 2nd World War in the year 1945.  As a result, I have struggled to find information about my families and thus I created the "Jaryszow Reconstruction Project."  And having done this, I have found lots of information and this trip was very much centralized on this project as I went to the archives to get what I could to continue my work on this growing project. 

I have found relatives in Nogowczyce from the Palus family and we connect, back a ways, but we connect, we have the same DNA and so you see, it's good to meet and come to know your family.
Here is the little "chapel" of worship in Nogowczyce.  I am not sure how these work and I will need a Catholic person to explain this to me, as it is not a church.  It's tiny and has a little schrine and bell and that's about all that I could see.

The new name/the old name.  This is done quite often in this part of Poland, showing German names, which I like a lot!
A little countryside view.

And yet another...

Taking a walk to grandfather Palus' farmhouse.  This is Sylwia and Dominika.

Getting to meet the neighbors in the hood!  Including Bossy, of course!
Enjoying a little conversation with Alicija and Dominika in Nogowczyce.

Saying goodbye!

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