Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Friday, July 6, 2012

Pictures of The Church at Klein Tschansch and Others

Yesterday I received an interesting set of 25 postcards sent to me from Adam Czmuchowski.  He wrote that he agrees that I post these on my blog.  And so here they are!
This is a Polish language document.  I can't translate it, but you can click and enlarge this and maybe put it into Google Translate.  These pictures are about the renovations taking place.

                                              Szanowna  Pani  !

      Załączam  obiecane  pocztówki  z Księza  Małego  / Klein Tschansch / 

oraz  tzw. materiał  porównawczy  w  postaci  folderu  z  okresu 

przed  remontem 

                                                             pozdrawiam serdecznie

                                                                                         Adam  Czmuchowski

Wrocław – Księze Małe, 21.VI.2012 r.

Thank you Adam for your beautiful cards.  Poland is really beautiful, isn't it?

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