Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Polish Identity Conference

This week was very busy.  The Polish Identity Conference was held in Salt Lake City.  My friend, Ceil Jensen was the Chairperson in charge.  I tried to help her from the Salt Lake end and tried to help coordinate and facilitate things.  She did a great job and things turned out very nicely.  It was long days for me and now I am tired.  During that time, my computer also was in the shop and I felt as though my right (actually left) arm was cut off.  I had to fight Spencer to use his computer to check emails.  Now my computer is fixed and I have a problem of mal-ware fixed which caused many things not to work.  So back to genealogy, my own, my clients, my blogs and life in general!  How crazy it is how we become used to things and they start to become NECESSITIES!

Here we are in the lecture room.  Part of the PGSA group, Eileen Carter, middle and Margie La Cerra, left.
A well-known face amongst genealogists of all types, Polish, US and otherwise!

Ceil presents the archivist with some flowers.

Thomasz and Steve working hard!
Sylvie and Orvill looking most professional!
Thomek and Ceil joking around.

Getting ready for a little lunch at the Lion House!
Hiking to the Lion House!
Temple Square is looking absolutely beautiful this time of year.  This is just a tiny portion or the beautiful flowers EVERYWHERE.
Lunch is delicious!

All done with lunch. Notice the "doggie boxes". No room for dessert.

Back to the hotel for hospitality treats, conversations and then:
More food!  The UPGSA banquet is a nice closing to a great conference.  We are having a western BBQ with Baked beans, salad, chicken and steak, amongst other things.  Well, the week was busy, fun, educational and of course somewhat exausting.  I think it was well worth the effort to be there.  And it is always nice to see friends from previous conferences.

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  1. Being a landscape designer I must say I admired the beautiful flowers.