Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Advent Calendar The Christmas Tree Dec. 1

As a GenealBlogger they like us to do certain posts.  I haven't been really great about it.  But I like the Advent Calendar part.  We write about certain topics.  This one is THE CHRISTMAS TREE.  Well, as a German girl growing up in America, Christmas was an exciting time.  German custom has the family decorate the tree on Christmas Eve.  And usually the mother does the decorating and later opens the doors to let everyone come in and see.  I remember this as a child.  My dad would find some activity to keep me busy and the one that I really remember is that he took me sledding.  We didn't have too many great hills back in the Minnesota town I grew up in but there was one and in my little girl eyes it was "HUGE".  I loved this time with my dad and I guess I will always remember it.  When we got back, frozen and shivering, the tree would be ready and the gifts underneath.  Saint Nicolaus had come while we were gone. 

The tree in those days was a mixture of German and American.  My mom had brought the "real" candle holders for the tree from Germany and put the clips on many branches and then placed candles in each one.  For our German family this was the way it was always done.  I remember though neighbors coming by and having near heart attacks when they saw it.  Although pretty to see, scary to think about I guess.  For us not at all.  And I don't remember any worrisomeness about it.  Eventually we became true Americans and went with the electric light system. 

Our tree was always a real tree and I remember one year my mom left the tree up till my dad's birthday 2 months later.  Wow, that was interesting.  In those days the tinsel look was in.  I remember everyone had it on their trees.  And the really nice trees had carefully placed single strands placed over the branches.  No big handfuls of the stuff.  I do remember it had lots of static electricity and would attach itself to your clothes if you got too close to the tree.  Trees were simple back then and many to most of the decorations didn't match or have a theme as is more popular now-a-days.  I remember making something most years at school and these things were always on the matter how beautiful they were or were not.

Below is a picture of me, my mother and my visit with Saint Nicolaus while still living in Germany.

Christmas was a great time as a child and the Christmas tree was a real focal point every year.  I can't even imagine not having a tree.  I love just thinking about it and growing up in a new land and celebrating the old German ways.    I will try to write one of the themes each day I can.  This will be a busy month, so I can only do my best!  Hopefully till tomorrow!

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