Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Friday, September 2, 2011

Lost and Found Photos Chapter 5

Here's the next batch!  This is Heinrich and Berta Naue in Oberbayern in the year1927.  Don't they look "Bayrisch"?
Soldiers in the Army ! 30 Apr 1917 in Juniville?  The picture is a postcard sent from Fritz Lindemann.  He says so far things are going OK....Notice these two are smoking which was much more cool back in the days of long ago. 

Another picture of Fritz Lindemann, son of Ferdinand the card says.  He has his trusty cigar in hand.  Again in 1917.
This happy young couple are noted as Walli and L---- maybe Lina and dated 27 Jul. 1957 in Magdeburg.
A lively party group, I'd say...It was a birthday celebration at the Glonner family home in 1930.  My grandfather Otto Hoeke is in this lively bunch of party animals.  And the Brachmann family is here with daughter=in-laws and sisters-in-law.  Notice the Christmas tree.  But the photo says it was a birthday for sure.

Here is "Werner" with his new bike.  I read the date as 15 Mar 1925.  I know my grandfather was good friends with Werner Brachmann.  So most likely this is he.

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