Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Gralla Newsletters

                                     GRALLA FAMILY NEWSLETTER

SPRING 1994                                                                                                         Vol. 6 Number 1




The Polish research trip in 1992 took us to Myszyniec where many Grallas in the U.S. came from.  This village on the Narew river still is the home of many Grallas today.  We were able to meet some Gralla descendants as well as find records in the town hall.  While we were there, the employee at the town hall promised that she would continue to look for information for us, and although she has not been able to find all we asked for, she did find some information which she sent to Danuta Jampolska, our interpretor in Poland.  The information is about Grallas which lived in the village of Wydmusy, a small hamlet on the outskirts of Myszyniec. 


Research into old parish registers has continued in the parish of Solec, Witowo in the area of Po_nan, Poland.

Some entries found give the following information:

Death of Sebastian Gralla in Witowo, a widower of 60 years.  He was survived by his children, Johann Valentin, Simon, Marianna, Joseph, Catharina, Adalbert, Josepha, Casimir, and Mathias.  Date of death was 22 Nov. 1850.

Death of Johannes Gralla, age 40 years, survived by his wife Regina and children, Valentin and Antonia. The cause of death was cholera.  23 Aug. 1852.  Also on this same date, Johannes, son of the Johannes above, age 2 years died of cholera.  Another son of Johannes and Regina, Valentin died of cholera on 26 Jan. 1853, at age 1.

This couple married on 21 Nov 1843.  Johannes Gralla was 27 and Regina Zarembinski was 20.  The ages do not match the age at time of death.

Regina Gralla nee Zarembinski remarried 12 Jun. 1853 to Johann Fibich, also a widower, age 26.

Michael Gralla, also a widower, resident of Pi_czkowo, age 36, married Sophia Poch, age 16 years on 30 Oct 1853.

Casimir Gralla, son of the deceased Sebastian Gralla and Agnetis married Catharina Jaszozak, 21, daughter of Simon and Regina Masciniak on 4 Nov. 1866.

Valentin Gralla, 45, a widower married Marianna Cichon, 23, daughter of the deceased Andreas Cichon and his wife Catharina on 13 Sep. 1869.

It is known that some of the Grallas in the US which now live in the Chicago and Pennsylvania areas descend from the Grallas that lived in Witowo, Posen.


We have long been aware of the Neidenburg Grallas.  The following information was obtained from the Evangelical parish registers.

Adam Gralla and his wife Anna Toffel had the following children:

1.  Maria   11 Apr. 1863
2.  Anna    13 Dec. 1865
3.  Wilhelm 29 May 1873

Thomas Gralla and his wife Eva Kayser had the following children:

1.  Maria      1 Apr. 1810
2.  Johannes  13 Apr. 1814

Johann Gralla and Maria Linorgski had two children which were found in the records:

1.  Catharina 26 Jul. 1750
2.  Adam      27 Oct. 1754

This parish also contained an index which gave children's birthdates but to which there were not actual birth documents.  Because of this, no parentage can be determined.

1.  Marie Gralla   8 Apr. 1810
2.  Johann Gralla 17 Apr. 1814
3.  Andreas Gralla 9 Jan. 1841
4.  Anna Gralla           1858
5.  Anna Gralla   29 Dec. 1865
6.  Wilhelm Friedrich Gralla
                         2 Nov. 1873
7.  Wilhelm Carl Gralla
                        24 Feb. 1884
8.  Anna Maria Gralla
                        21 Jul. 1888


Soldau, the village next to Neidenburg, also has several Gralla entries.
On 3 Sep
1765, Adam Gralla, a cobbler, took his daughter for baptism at which time she was given the name of Eva.  Wife's name was not given.

Other children of Adam Gralla were Anna, born in 8 Sep. 1759, and Andreas, born 26 Nov. 1756.

On 14 Nov. 1780, Michael Gralla, 24 years of age and Maria Wilenthin were married.  This couple was from Pierlawken.  A descendant of this line was Gustav Gralla who lived in Chicago.

Jacob Gralla, a farmer in Pierlawken and his wife Eva Lukas may have been the family forefathers of many Grallas in the US.  Their nine children include:

1.  Michael 7 Aug. 1807
2.  Maria  22 Aug. 1810

3.  Anna      18 Feb. 1814
4.  Martin    11 Nov. 1816
5.  Jacob     26 Apr. 1819
6.  Elisabeth 26 Sep. 1822
7.  Gottlieb  14 Oct. 1824
8.  Samuel    11 Dec. 1827
9.  Dorothea   1 Jan. 1831

The first son of Jacob, Michael Gralla married Maria Stopiensky.  This couple had five known children:

1.  Jacob     17 Feb. 1836
2.  Anna      16 Aug. 1838
3.  Michael   20 Sep. 1842
4.  Johann     6 May  1847
5.  Stillborn 11 Aug. 1850

Some marriages found in Soldau parish were:

Johann Gralla, 29 and Dorothea Mazanek, 20 of Niederhof who married on 21 Nov. 1858.

Johann Gralla, 24, innkeeper in Pierlawken married Gottliebe Burs, 22 years of age, also from Pierlawken on 31 Dec. 1871.

On 18 Jun. 1872, Michael Gralla, 30 years of age, innkeeper in Pierlawken married Johanna Braun, age 23, also of Pierlawken.

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