Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ulfiks To America

Anther family line of mine are the Ulfiks/Ulfigs which also seemed to come to America.  The item below was from Roger Laske and the Ulfiks that he writes about are from the village of Boronow.  Mine are from Koschentin and Sadow.  These towns are very close and if the information I have from the Ulfik historian in Koschentin is correct, than they would have to be one big happy family.  Jan Ulfik, now deceased, did serious research on the family and the history of the region.  I have in my possession 4 handwritten Polish volumes but have only had a small amount translated.  He claims in his work that the family comes originally from Scandinavia during the 30 Year's War.  The first Ulfik, being Jakob, came and married  in the village of Harbultowice.  his wife was Caecilia Warwas.  This marriage occured in the Sadow parish around 1650.  As soon as my computer is out of repair, I will check on these things.  Originally I was not aware of my Dziuk immigrant family to Panna Maria, so it is interesting to see the Ulfik family went to Parisville, MI.  It's funny to me because my researcher friend, Ceil Wendt Jensen and I did a presentation a few years ago as to which was the first Polish settlement in America?  Panna Maria or Parisville.  It was a sort of "debate" although all in fun and good spirited.  It was a fun powerpoint and a fun presentation.    So here a little about the Parisville Ulfiks.  I am sure I will be posting more!

Ulfig/Ulfik, Karl
by Roger Laske from conversations with Clem Ulfig.
Karl (Carl) immigrated in 06 May 1874 from Boronów, powiat Lubliniec, Katowice, Silesia/Poland, traveling from the port of Hamburg to LaHavre and then to Castle Garden, New York.  Karl was born 29 December 1845 in Boronów and married Josefa Kucharczyk (1846-1926) on 27 January 1878 in Boronów.  Their first two children: Maryanna (1869-?), and Lorenz (1871-1940) were born in Boronów.  The remaining six children were born in Paris Township, Michigan: Michael 1874-1971), Anthony (1878-1943), Anna (1881-1950), Martha (1883-1965), Peter (1887-1974) and Victoria (1890-1969).

Karl (Carl) bought 40 acres of land for $1.00 from the state of Michigan, as the story is told.  In the fire of 1881, the family went for protection to their neighbor, Tom Lackowski.  All of their buildings were lost to the fire.  Son, Peter married Victoria Makowski (1890-1976) on 03 May 1909 in St. Mary’s Church, Parisville.  In 1904, Peter purchased land on
Helena Road, northeast
of Parisville, to farm and raise his family of nine children (one child, Charles, died at birth).  The remaining nine children are: Vincent (1910-1985), Julius (1911-1977), Rose (1914-1985), Otilla (1916-1984), Raymond (1917-1985), Leona (1919-1981), 2 daughters -living,  and a son.

These pictures of the parish in Boronow are courtesy of Linus Ulfig. Thanks. Pictures add so much to any article!

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