Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Monday, January 10, 2011

Peter Dziuk Wanted To Go To Panna Maria

At the grave of Johan/Jan Dziuk.  Tyson and Grandma
I read an article found at the following link called Notes and Documents Four Letters from Texas to Poland in 1855. In this article are 4 letters, 2 written by John Moczygemba, 1 by Thomas Moczyemba and Johan/Jan Dziuk and the last by Father Leopold Moczygemba.  These were very interesting letters to read because they were communications with the people at "home" in Pluznica Wielka. 

My ancestor Jan Dziuk and his brother Peter and then later his mother settled there and from this village Jan followed the advice of Father Leopold to head to Texas.  In the first letter written by John Moczygemba, he addresses Johan Dziuk and Piotr, his brother and mentions that they had written him in order to have John Mocygemba obtain land for them.   His letter gives advice as to what will occur when they arrive and what will need to be done, such as clearing your own land and building your own house.  He tells them what they should bring from the homeland because it is not readily available.  Leather seems to be a much needed item.  However, here is the first indication that Peter, brother of Jan had originally planned on coming to America with his brother in 1855.

In the letter signed by Thomas Mocygemba and Johan Dziuk, they again greet the people of Pluznica, including Piotr, brother of Johan.  They give advice as to how Piotr should make his arrangements to come to Texas.  He advises him to bring gold and money for railroad tickets.  These are the two mentionings of Piotr/Peter Dziuk.  He doesn't come to America.  I can only wonder why he changed his mind.  What caused him to remain in Pluznica despite the hard times in Silesia?

Peter was a blacksmith by trade and apparently followed or joined his older brother, Jan, also a blacksmith, from Koszecin, where they were born, to Płużnica Wielka where they both worked in this trade. Jan must have moved from Koszęcin to Płużnica Wielka by or before 1832. This move was a major factor that led Jan Dziuk and his family to Texas. Here in Płużnica Wielka he would have come in contact with Father Leopold Moczygęba who was so instrumental in this large movement of Poles to America.

I have not found an actual passenger list showing the departure or arrival date of Jan Dziuk and his family, however, on the Agent F. H. Schuler list for the year of 1855, Johann/Jan Dziuk and family members, Alexander, Anna, Franciska, Johanna and Philipp are listed. Schuler was an agent that arranged for passengers to come to America.

Although Jan chose to leave for Panna Maria, Texas around 1855, his brother Peter stayed in Płużnica Wielka. Their sister, my ancestor, Catharina (Dziuk) Ochmann, stayed in Koszęcin.

Peter married Agnes Kruppa from Płużnica Wielka on 5 Oct.1852. Their marriage document, which I have translated into English from the original German text, reads as follows:

Marriage record Płużnica Wielka parish. LDS film 2089245
5 Oct. 1852
The blacksmith, Peter Dziuk from here, son of the inhabitant of Koschentin (Koszęcin) Franz Dziuk with Agnes, the daughter of the local cottager, Peter Kruppa, from here, were legitimately married. Witnesses were the farmer Leopold Moczygemba and Joseph Olscher. The groom was 27 and the bride was 22.
It is interesting that the letters written also mentioned Peter Kruppa, undoubtedly the father-in-law of Peter Dziuk.  He is addressed along with them as though he was also planning to come to America.

Marriage record Płużnica Wielka LDS film 2089245
6 Feb. 1854
The bachelor Franz Ochmann, son of the free gardener Carl Ochmann of Koszęcin with the unmarried woman Eva Palus, daughter of Bernard Palus of Nogoschuetz were married. Witnesses were Father Leopold Moczygemba Church pastor and Peter Kruppa, from here. (Father of Peter Dziuk’s bride, Anna Kruppa, in the entry above)
Groom age 24, bride age 22.
It appears that Jan’s younger brother, Peter, was living in Płużnica Wielka by or before 1840, as he appears in the communion register of Płużnica Wielka with his brother Jan and his mother Elisabetha. At this time, Elisabetha is a widow, which is the only indication of an approximate date of the death of her husband, Franz. The death record was found for her husband, Franz, in Koszęcin on 16 Aug 1836.  He was buried on 19 Aug. It is my “guess” that after Franz died Elisabetha moved to be with her son Jan in Płużnica Wielka. It is not clear whether Peter moved there with Jan or with his mother.
He was survived by Elisabetha and 3 children. These were then the children I was able to find. I thought that there would have been more considering the spacing... He died of Lungensucht.

Peter Dziuk and Agnes Kruppa had 8 children in Płużnica Wielka:
Johanna born 24 Jun. 1853 and died 3 Aug. 1917 in Płużnica Wielka,
Joseph born 23 Sep. 1855
Pauline born 18 Jun. 1857 and died 26 Jul 1858
Johann born 9 Jun. 1859
Franz born 6 Oct. 1862
August born 15 Sep. 1863
Florentine born 10 May 1865 and died 13 May 1865
August born 14 Jul. 1866

The first child, Johanna Dziuk, married Anton Moczygęba on 17 Sep. 1888 in Płużnica Wielka. Their marriage document states that Anton was related to Johanna by the 3rd grade of consanguinity. They received a dispensation to marry from Breslau on 11 Sep. 1890. But by this time, they were already married. Anton was born 1 Jun. 1857. He was a son of Franz Moczygęba and Carolina Felux. I have not yet traced back this Moczygęba or Felux line to find the family relationship as indicated above. Johanna Dziuk died in Płużnica Wielka 3 Aug. 1917. It is about this same time period that the Dziuk name seems to stop appearing in the Płużnica Wielka church records.

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