Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Books About Koszecin/Koschentin

During my visits to Koschentin, I have found several books written by local authors.  For those Koszecin/Koschentin searchers who are interested in the local history, here are some items of interest.

Nadlesnictwo Koszecin Kartki z Historii Lasow i Lowiectwa, Koszecin 2003, Edward Goszyk.
Military and forestry history is included in the above book.

Panowie na Koszecinie, Koszecin 2008, Edward Goszyk
This book is about local history including information about the Hohenlohe-Ingelfingen family.

Pro Memoria, Tarnowsky Gory 2010, Jan Myrcik
about Koszecin epitaphs, includes some documents and pictures of locals.

W lesnej dolinie Malej Panwi, Koszecin 2006 Czeslaw Tyrol
I bought this because the picture of my great-grandfather was included where he is dressed in his forester uniform amongst the other rangers and the Prince Karl von Hohenlohe-Ingelfingen.  The author mentioned to me that he is working on another volume to this book.

Koszecin na starej fotografii, Tarnowskie Gory 2001 Jan Myrcik
This book has "old" photos of Koszecin.  I find pictures of weddings of some of my families from Koszecin, people in the military, a Koschentiner with Auschwitz photos.  The person in that picture is the family name of Irek, which also appears on my pedigree.  Sure would like to post some of the photos, but there might be some copyright issues with that....

Zabytkowy Kosciol Swietej Trojcy w Koszecinie, Tarnowskie Gory, 2003, Jan Myrcik
This book is about the old church in Koszecin and includes a picture of the parish with the church members in front from the year 1934.

Koszecinskie Koscioly i kapliczki, Tarnowskie Gory 1998, Jan Myrcik
This is about the new parish in Koszecin.  It includes a list of the Priests that served, bishops, etc.

Legendy Koszecinskie, Tarnowskie Gory 1997, Jan Myrcik
Various legends of Koschentin in the olden days.

As you can see Jan Myrcik is the local historian and runs a museum that can be viewed by appointment.
Here are a few books from the area around Koszecin:

Strzelce Opolskie, Miasto i powiat na dawnych pocztowkach, Strzelce Opolski 2005, Marek Gaworski
Numerous old photos and post cards o the district of Gross Strehlitz, now known as Strzelce Opolski.

Drewciane Koscioly na ziemi lublinieckiej, Tarnowskie Gory, 1998 Jan Myrcik
Pictures and history of many churches in the Lublinitz district.

Poeci ziemi lublinieckiej, Tarnowski Gory 1999, Jan Myrcik
A book of poets from the district of Lublinitz,including one of my relatives, so of course, I bought the book!

Gmina Ujazd na starej fotografii, Ujazd 2005 Marek Gaworski
This book was given to me by relatives and includes all the places in the commune of Ujazd with pictures of all the localities.  It includes old post cards, as well.

So just a small list of books that are available over there in Poland.  I would love to know of more, if someone knows of some!

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