Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pastor Johann Ernst Kilian of Stechau

My friend and co-worker Ruth, just went to the archives in Magdeburg.  She phoned from Germany and told me to email her some of my names and she would take a look in the records for me.  Today she gave me the results of her little look-up!  She found that the wife of Johann Ernst Kilian was Salome Steinkirchner from Oberfriedersdorf by Bautzen in Germany.  This is really close to the Czech border.  Her father was the late Christian Steinkirchner.  She also found the death of Salome in Stechau on 7 Nov 1732.  Unfortunately no age was given.  Johann Ernst Kilian, pastor of Stechau married Salome on 2 May 1693.  They were married by Pastor Martin Glasswalden pastor of Trebbuss, a neighboring village.
She found some kids:
Johanna born 12 Feb 1694, baptized the 15th
Anna Catharina born 28 Feb 1695 and baptized 4 Mar.
Johann Gottlob born 1 Jan 1697, and baptized on the 6th
Johann Ernst, my line, born 1 Aug 1700, baptized on the 4th.

His father died 1 Aug 1697 at the age of 75 years.  He had been from Ruhland, where his pastor son was born and his occupation was a blacksmith, making weapons and shoeing horses.  But could no more work to earn money for his bread and 2 years before he died came to live with his son.
How exciting to find a few new people!

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