Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Black Sheep

I have had a man in Germany, Ronny Suske do some research for me.  He just recently sent me a report of my Hanisch family in Krienitz.  They were millers and the mill appears to still be standing.  He took a  picture of the mill and the church for me and I will post them when the CD arrives with my photos.  BUT I do know that I descend from some black sheep as well as some pretty AWESOME ancestors.  In the Hanisch line, one ancestor served two years in prison, don't know why.  But during that time his wife was pregnant with the 8th child.  She said it was his because she had been visiting him in prison.  So I won't argue that one, but then their son was in jail for arson...oh my....Ok, I found my black sheep. 

But I do have to relate a funny story that happened to me as I was helping a lady read some documents and translating them from German.  These were family registers and I recall she had at least three of them giving all the data on the family.  These are typical records for the area of Wuerttemberg, Germany.  Anyway in the first the man of the house had died because he was walking around in the cold trying to deal with the fact he had incest  with a family member and then the next generation had lots of bad stuff in it also, including a murder. And the 3rd generation was even worse.  I felt really bad translating all this and said to her, I'm sorry, I guess you found your family black sheep.  She said, Oh, no, it's OK, really, it's my husband's family!

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