Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Little Bit About Klein Tschanz (Breslau)

When my mom was a child, she resided at the "Kinderheim" on the street address of Kinderheim 46.  While in Breslau in 2007, I was able to go here and a researcher, Adam, below, was kind enough to give me lots of materials, pictures and so forth.  It was really a wonderful experience.  I just wish that I could post everything!

From Adam Czmuchowski (translated from Polish)

The mother monastery in Koln-Nippes of the counts of Stollberg with 1 priest Bruhlen at Lehm Gruber St. 1889 organized a house for children without parents. They built a small church and patronate over it and called it Maria Hilf.

Georg Kopp was the bishop. The manager till 1920 was Eleonore zu Stollberg, countess. When the Dominican nuns took over which were then later removed in 1942. After 1920 the old woman was buried in Klein Tschanz. Till 1928 the little villages were separated but then later all became a part of Breslau.

Eleonora lived on Rybniker Str. After 1860 she donated  land to the Catholic cemetery at Oppelner Str. She gave money for the Church which was built in 1909 and having their 100 year celebration next year. The Church is on Schwentniger Str. (My name was on the plaque as being a contributor, I was really surprised)
Carl was the building advisor and the Priest from 1909-46 was Father Conrad Metzger. In the year 1905  the house was founded with a school on the street of Kinderheim 46 where later was a new house for children by the nuns of the Maria Hilf order .
There were nuns of the Vincenz Order and also the Barmherzigen Sisters at this place.

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