Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Gralla family in Belmont, Belarus

For many, many years now I have wanted to verify where Franz Gralla and Florentine Ochmann took their family after they were forced to leave due to my greatgrandfather's activities in Koschentin.  I have had the help of a Russian researcher in St. Petersburg, Russia to try to find the documents of the births of several of this couples' children said to have been in Belmont and in Schutschin.  This Schutschin is not the one in present-day Poland, but rather also in Belarus.  So a couple of days ago, I finally got a positive report after several negative ones.

Anastasia Dmitrienko is the researcher that I have been working with for a long time.  She recently located a local researcher and this person sent me the following report:

The report about Grallas’ research.
The aim:
Georg Gralla born 1 Aug 1902 Belmont
Oppolonia/Appolonia Gralla born 1904 and died 1905 in Schutschin or Belmont.
Alfred Gralla born 26 Nov 1906 in Schutschin, Belarus

There were researched the cases:
1) NIAB.F.1781.Op.57.C.35 Belmonty church, 1900-12, 1925-38, the births. Only George Gralla's birth record was found (Page 33 reverse).
2) NIAB.F.1781.Op.13.C.17 Braslav church 1900-12, 1914, the births. Nothing.
3) NIAB.F.1781.Op.13.C.31 Braslav church  1896, the deaths. Nothing.

George Gralla's birth record 
69. 1 (18) августа 1902 года В Бльмонтовском РКК ксендзом П. Водопалом окрещен младенец именем Георгий со всеми обрядами св. таинств австрийских подданных Франтишка и Флорентины из Охманов Гралев законных супругов родился сего года и месяца 1 дня имении Бельмонты здешняго прихода. Восприемниками были Адольф Богданович и Эмилия Карла Гезберга супруга.

The translation of George Gralla's birth record:
69. 1(18) August 1902 in Blmontovskiy church RKK by the priest P. Vodopal was baptized the child named Georgiy with all the rites of the Holy sacraments of the Austrian subjects Frantishka and Florentina from Okhman Gralev legal spouses was born this year and this month 1 day in the estate of Belmont parish. The godfathers was Adolf Bogdanovich and Emilia Karl Gutberg’ spouse.

So now I can assume the others were born in Schutschin and direct the remainder of the research to this area.  You can get in touch with Anastasia through LinkIn which is how we got in touch with one another.

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