Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Strakonice Yesteryears

In the last few months I was contacted by a "new" relative!  Genealogists love new relatives, don't we?  He and his family live in the Czech Republic.  Being as I don't speak Czech, and he speaks no English, one might wonder how we were able to communicate.  But we had the good fortune to be able to communicate in German.

So after we shared our family information, I had asked him about the 2 camps my family, mother, grandmother and Aunt were relocated to at the end of WWII.  These were located in the places called Strakonice and Novy Kestrany.

He contacted the archivist for me and she was kind enough to do some research.  I was able to have my Czech friend at work translate the documents for me and I will try to transcribe the recording I made over the weekend.  And then I will post it.  I found it very interesting because they reported things in quite a lot of detail as to the feelings of the local people and the expense to have these refugees there.  A different side to the story, but very interesting.

So apparently there were some "wooden houses" that were built and they were called the baracks and were numbered.  Here are some of the people that found themselves in these baracks.

Barak I/3
Huettmann, Waldemar born 14 Oct 1896 in Gross Golle
Mogel, Helmut
Vogeler, Gerhard, born 14 Oct 1894 i Schadenwalde
Schroeter, karl born 14 Aug 1900 in Klein Kuenau by Dessau
Wiltsch, Hans, born 25 Mar. 1905 in Breslau
Berg, Erwin, born 2 May 1905 in Muenchen
Beck, Walater
Ruh, Gertrude, born in Gluennecke kraj Beekow
Homann, Ilse, born in Botta
Peisker, Hildegard, born in Prenglau (could it be Prenzlau?)
Schaerf, Hildeburg born in Leipzig
Vetter, Elisabeth, born in Leipzig
Trapp, Elfriede
Lyko, Sophia from Ratibor

Barak I/4
Hufer, Friedrich
Dornick, Kaethe
Beukenstein, Friedrich
Grosse, Erich
HEnnig, Walter of Dessau
Schneider, Wilfriede of Muegen
Wenzel, Friedrich born 5 Jan 1898 in Schloesschen
Rammler, Erich born 22 Nov in Gersthof
Blaser, Matthias
Piskora, Elfriede, born 14 Apr 1900 in Aussig

Barak I/8
Dietze, Heinz born 6 Oct 1904 in Chemnitz
Dietze, Johanna from Wotzen
Weisdorfer, Johanna
Wander, Fritz born 9 Jul 1897 in Milowka
Herrchen, Adolf, born 3 Dec 1891 Wiesbaden
Herrchen, Charlotte born 25 Mar 1892 in Angermuende
Krucken, Bruno son of Anny Krucken
Habada Alois
Heydel, Albert
Maly, Vlasta
Nichterlein, Max of Weisenfels
Hartmann, Ilse born in Frankfurt am Main
Fabriel, Richard

Barak I/9
Kopielusch, Cornelia of Decin

Barak I/10
Kowalski, Charlotte
Wacker, Elfriede of Appenwayer/Baden
Hotz, Hildegard
Maiss, Gertrud born 9 Mar 1892 Katowice
Sagefka, Marie
Grandeggen, Marie of Leopen

Barak I/11
Hantszch, Wilhelm born 9 Jun 1894 in Kreisdorf Liberce
Sopek, Jan, born 25 Oct 1894
Votruba, Jakub born 20 May 1897 at Dubinne
Matouschek, Franz, born 9 Jul 1886 at Jihlave
Matouschek, Marie born 4 Jun 1895 at Nem Brod
Neumann, Vilem born 6 Aug 1896 at Radoni
Neusser, Jan Slovak born in Horni Stubno
Uhl, Christine, maiden name Mikova born in Novych Hradech
Uhl, Jan son born in the same place

Barak I/12
Patera, Katherine born 22 Feb 1899 in Neu Schoenau
Patera, Irmgard born 3 Mar 1926 in Nekarau
Kruecken, Anna of Nekarau
Nemeck, Josefa, born 29 Feb 1904 in Foesendorf/Wien
Nemec, Josef son born Foesendorf
Nemec, Franz, son born Strakonice
Barak II/1
Glockner, Karl
Vugelsann, Hans
Hille, Ewald
Marten, Erwin

Barak II/3
Delinger, Rudolf Czech Radomysl
Novakova, Marie Czech born 21 Dec 1905 Pacelice
Rejsek, Vaclaw, Czech born 12 Oct 1879 in Volenice
Rejsek, Marie, his wife born 10 Jan 1885 Weitersdorf

Barak III/5
Waechter, Hans born in Bochum

Barak III/9
Hertl, Otto born 30 Jul 1892 in Wolgart
Kremer, Vilem, born 11 Jun 1904 in Suedlingen
Lemke, Kurt born 11 Jan 1896 Reichenbach
Stahmer, Rudolf born 10 Aug 1894 in Hamburg

That's all for tonight.  But I will continue soon.

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