Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Family History Library Slovak Webinar June 17, 2015

OK, so those of you who know me, know my favorite food in Poland is Pierogi.  Well Lisa Alzo sent me this picture of Slovak Pirohy, which looks a lot like my favorite food!  I would not mind venturing a guess that this is the Slovak version!  Even the "name" is pretty much the same!  I must go there, next vacation!

So if you want to learn about Slovakia, here is the perfect chance to do so!

Lisa Alzo, well-known Slovak researcher will be the guest host at a webinar which will be presented at the Family History Library.
It is entitled:

Preserving Our Slovak Roots in the 21st Century

This will be presented in the Main Floor classroom, for all interested people and will be presented in webinar format for the people that can't attend in person.  Lisa will be presenting from her home and we will be so fortunate to learn more about Slovak culture.  For those wanting to view the webinar online, please go to this link to find out how to connect to the webinar.  You will be happy you joined!

Church in Osturna, Slovakia

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