Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Zarys Dziejow Parafii i Kosciola by Adam Czmuchowski

This has been my lucky month for getting books for Poland that I had no idea I would be getting.  I guess I am very lucky.  As readers may recall, Adam Czmuchowski writes guest posts on my blog.  He was most helpful to me when I visited some years ago where my mother had stayed in the Catholic children's home in the very large Catholic "campus" that still exists today.

The book that he authored was a gift to me that I received today.  It came also with beautiful post cards of Klein Tschanz now known as Ksieze Male.  I have written to see if I might post the beautiful cards on my blog.  If so, I will do so this weekend.

Thanks so much, Adam!  I am very happy to have these photos and the book!  I have since this original post asked Adam if I might post the postcards he sent and inquired more about his book as to whether it could still be purchased.  This book, which he sent was done with 200 copies all of which were immediately purchased by interested people of the community.  Therefore, I feel so lucky that he reserved a copy for me.  Due to expenses, there will be no reprints, I am sorry to say.  :( But here is a picture of the cover.

Published 2013
Thank you Adam Czmuchowski for these items and for allowing me to share them with my reader friends.

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