Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Postcards from Adam Czmuchowski

As I mentioned in my last post, Adam Czmuchowski sent me a lovely book and numerous postcards of the local area where he works as a historian.  It is a beautiful collection of photos he has taken and although I won't post everyone of them, here are quite a few.  I wish I could translate the Polish descriptions on the backs of each, however, my Polish  translation would be a product of Google translate,  which can be incorrect...

So here are some wonderful views of the little villages just outside of Breslau, known in German as Treschin or Polish Trestno and Klein Tschansch or the Polish name of Ksieze Male.

In the latter, was where my mother and her sister spent much time being as their single mother worked and they would reside at the orphanage in the Catholic complex in Klein Tschansch during the weekdays.  As my mom somewhat recalled they came home weekends.  

This is the church which celebrated 850 years from 1149-1999.  
Below is a view of the same church from a different side.

A beautiful area view.

Reconstruction in 2010.

Ksieze Male, Klein Tschansch, also known as Klein Ohlewiesen which was an alternate name.
The entryway to the church.

The above three photos are of the inside of the parish church.

Mokry Dwor which in German times was Alt Hofnass
Trestno, formerly Treschin by Breslau/Wroclaw

The above three photos are all of Trestno/Treschin.
The Catholic church.
Grave marker for Willy Zacher, teacher of Treschin. Lt.. and regiment commander.

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