Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Sunday, May 4, 2014

UPGSA Conference--A Great Success!

This weekend we experienced "All things Polish" and then some.  It was time to go to the United Polish Genealogy Societies of America conference.  This conference is held in conjunction with the 11 individual Polish Societies throughout the US as one large conference involving each of the individual societies from coast to coast. 
Because I am on the general board and serve as the FHL liaison I had the opportunity to help with the arrangements on the Salt Lake City end of things.  It was fun, learning, and presentations.
This is Greg Nelson.  He and I were the only FamilySearch speakers at the conference.
Tadeusz Pilat from Poland came with his mother and Danuta Jampolska, my friends for many years.  Teddy spoke on Polish notarial records.  I was not familiar with them, so I was excited to learn about new record types.
Josh Taylor,  a renowned genealogist and speaker has shared 2 presentations that were excellent with us and tomorrow at the banquet there will be one more done by Josh.  It has been an exceptional few days.
I was able to arrange for the Polish folk dance ensemble "Wesoly Lud" to dance at the Theater in the Conference Center.  They did a wonderful job and had beautiful area costumes, which they were not wearing at the time of this photograph.  So photos were allowed during the performance, so I sadly put away my camera...sigh...
Margie LaCerra was conference chair and is standing on the far right.  We spent quite a while emailing and phoning in the last months.  But the concert went off without a hitch...a least I didn't see one!  The regional costumes that the group wore were gorgeous, amazing and absolutely beautiful.  They were so varied from region to region.  That brought some real interest to the evening which ended in a standing ovation.  The audience seemed to really enjoy the performance very much.  It made me feel really happy to have been a part in this wonderful evening.
Before the concert, Teddy, Gerda, Danuta and I went to the JSMB to eat.  On the way Gerda, Teddy's mom, decided see really liked the Mother and Son statue and wanted to pose with her son!
The grounds at Temple Square were definitely showing off for our Polish guests and conference friends!
Here I am with Mark Olsen, right and Josh Taylor to the left.  This was the greet and meet the speakers event after the Friday evening talks, of which I gave my first talk.
 Below is Dave Lewandowski, Paul Lipinsky, Ceil Jensen, just after having been awarded the Wigilia award, and at right Stan Schmid.  The three gentlemen are three past recipients of this award which is a nice medallion worn around Ceil's neck.
Danuta, Gerda and me at the FHL.  Notice I had longer hair?  Yes, got a haircut this week!  Well,  tomorrow is the closing day and banquet.  I am sure I will post a bit more!

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