Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Friday, August 31, 2012

Techno Troubles...

Today was the 3rd day of the conference.  It was also the day I did my first presentation.  It was fun going to classes today, even though they were all southern states research classes that I went to.  I certainly don't have any personal southern states stuff, except for maybe Texas.   But who knows what I might learn that I can share with someone at sometime in my life.  There was a lot of Afro-American stuff including a group that gave us all kinds of Afro-American information on a flash drive with their logo on it.  Then there is always Jake's 2 adopted sisters, maybe there is helpful stuff on there for them.

Well, I  had my first presentation and I got through it!  Did have many that came up afterwards with questions and comments and many that I ran past in the halls and said it was a great lecture.  I did have some projector problems though, and was really glad Mike, a friend from work was there to listen to my lecture and to come to the projector rescue.  First I couldn't get it in the right position and then it wouldn't start and then it turned itself off and posted a message on the screen that said, Do you want high altitude settings Yes or No.  Click on yes or no... Hey I wasn't baking a cake!  Thanks to Mike for saving my cake...and giving me the right altitude settings...sheesh!  I guess we have to have a little humor with all the craziness in our lives, no?  So despite the altitude difficulties, I got through it all, and I think no one thought to much of the altitude problems besides me...honestly, I like everything to be absolutely perfect.

After that was over, I had to change into my 1940 census indexing shirt for the 1940 shout-out at the exibitor area.  FamilySearch announced the society indexer winners and a few other things of that sort and then there was a cupcake for everyone in attendance and a free 1940 T-shirt.  And then it was time to finish for me and return to my room and recover.  My feet hurt!  Below a few shots from today's happenings.

Cupcakes galore....

The Ohio Society wins the indexing prize!

Here's the FamilySearch booth where I worked yesterday and again tomorrow after I am done with my class.  Then in the evening tomorrow a dinner for the genealogists with Dick Eastman.  Should be nice.  Then Sunday morning it's time to go home.  It has been fun and I have enjoyed it here in the land of Dixie!

This is the hallway to the "ballrooms" at the Sheraton.  This is where we go to eat.  I was trying to imagine this in the time of the grandeur of the deep south with Rhett Butler and Scarlett, dressed in their finery and going to a ball to dance.  Ah...the romantic south and it's legendary history. 

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