Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sippenamt Kartei Kreis Jerichow II-My Latest Research Efforts

I have been blessed with information lately.  I feel so lucky to get some of the information that I have gotten, so much that I hardly find a minute to blog.  It will take forever to get everything finished.  I will need to live several lifetimes to finish everything I want to do.  But a great find was the Sippenamt Kartei from Kreis Jerichow II.  In case you are wondering what this is, I will explain.  Prior to the Second World War, that bad man, Adolf, required civil/church authorities to document people.  Well, I think it was probably done on a much larger scale than just my "Kreis" or county of Germany.  But it is not certain where most of this information has gone.  I belong to many research forums for my various states in Germany where my ancestors resided.  Through these forums, I have answered and asked some questions.  I have "met" via emails, relatives or friends working either on the same lines or  in the same villages.  It is amazing the information that has come simply across my desk, without my leaving home.  I am grateful to those who have shared information and time in helping me with my projects.

Well, about 2 or so months ago, a very interesting email came through the forum system from the Sachsen-Anhalt group.  I have many on my dad's side from here.  This includes many towns and villages in the county "Kreis" of Jerichow II.  Yes, there is also a Jerichow I.  So that being said, the forum email gave information that sometime in the not-so-distant past, a discovery was made in the steeple/belfry or the Lutheran church in Genthin.  They had come across many boxes of cards from the former Sippenamt of the county of Jerichow II.  No one had previously known of their existence.  They contained countless cards arranged by names, with birth, marriage and death information from nearly everyone, perhaps everyone.  How would I really know for sure?  Anyways, the writer of this information shared that these boxes had been taken to the Church Archive in Magdeburg and that he had been working on them for quite a while.  They allowed photographs to be made of the cards.  I was thrilled although I really didn't know how far reaching these cards were.  I prepared a list of some of my names and had a researcher, Ronny Suske, go to make photos of them for me.  I was thrilled with the results as were some of the people that I have collaborated with over the years.  It was amazing.  So amazing that I gave him a list of more names from this area.  I have now so many, it will take forever to analyze them and so on.  Each photo taken has about 6 cards on it.  Each card is similar to what we would refer to in America as a 5X7 index card. 

To give you an idea what was on these cards, I will say that there are the following types of cards/information on them:
  • Complete birth extractions included witnesses
  • Future marriages of the person listed on birth extracts, date, place, spouse included
  • Death dates and places
  • Occupations
  • Residence numbers such as Hof 15, etc.
  • Records from Kataster books
  • Records from Hypotheken books
  • Land record extracts
  • Small pedigrees worked out
  • Genealogies worked back to the 1600's
This is just to let you know what is available.  I will write to the archive to see if they will give me permission to post one.  I don't know if I can, but I definitely wanted to share this bit of news with you, especially if you are working in this area.  But if this was found in a belfry, where are all the rest?  That is a big question!  You know that such precise information could not have only been required of just one place.  Anyways, I have my work cut out.

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