Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Zabakuck Research Rulff Family

I have been stumped on my Rulff family with no where to go for many years.  The reason for this being that there was a church fire in Zabakuck in the year 1793.  This is always a bad thing for researchers that had ancestors from Zabakuck. I received information this morning, about 43 scanned pages, from a relative working on common lines with me.  He found this information at the Kreismuseum Genthin.  I had never even heard of this museum, even though my grandfather lived in Genthin for many years, and I visited him there and did research at that time.  But that goes to show you that even long-time residents may not be aware of everything available in their hometowns.  I know that my grandfather went with me to the church in Genthin, but never to a museum.  I was happy to receive these pages from Andreas Krueger and he said to quote the source as the Kreismuseum in Genthin.  Here are some pictures of Zabakuck.

This is the Schloss around 1900.
Here is the Pfarrhaus and carriage.  Wouldn't it be fun to know who these people where?

This is Friedensplatz 11.
The Pfarrhaus 1900.

The above information comes from the Kreismuseum Genthin, also.  It is the title page of the inhabitants and the Hof owners for the years 1683-1730.  This is good information considering the fire in the parish.
The above is a listing of the inhabitants of Zabakuck in 1785 according to the work of Dr. Wernicke.  This lists the men in the classification they received by the size of property they own.
Bittkau 21 Jul. 1934.  List from the local churchbook for 1749-1791 for the enrolled sons born (military purposes?) and as far as they knew were still living at the time the list was created in Zabakuck in the year 1791.  No living males were excluded.  This was done by the pastor Gustav Leopold Pilarick.  It is amazing the types of records that were created that no one seems to know about.  Absolutely amazing!  In the year 1909, according to the Provinz Sachsen Gemeindelexikon, Heft VII, the population of Zabakuck had an entirely Lutheran population of 212 inhabitants.

There is also a 1793 Abschrift/Extract of the parish as a substitue of the church records for 1793 by pastor Pilarik.  Here are some pages to show you what he created.  He is a pastor after my own heart!  You know me and my Jaryszow reconstruction project.  He apparently had the same idea as me.  Bless you Pastor Pilarik!
This is the first page above, the heading in the left column is the current owner of property in 1793, next column is the wife of the owner.  My ancestor Christian Rulff is there with birthdate and age.
So then, this is the 2nd page.  The left column is for the parent's of the property owner and then the parents of the owner's wife in the middle column and the right column, lists the property owner's children and birthdates.  A little list of souls!  (Seelen Register)  What a find! And it gets better:

Blogger is being naughty to me today and takes many attempts to download a picture.  So trying it again!

Well, this is not all the pages I received, but that is because it takes so load to get them posted today.  If you are interested in these pages, let me know.
Credit: Kreismuseum Genthin.

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