Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Panna Maria Pensioneers

Some time ago I sent away for some widow pension applications to Karnes county on some of my ancestors that had served in the civil war.
One widow was Annie Dupnik, the widow of Joe Dupnik, who died 18 Dec. 1890 in Karnes county.  Annie and Joe married on 7 Nov 1859 in Karnes county. Here are the questions that she answered:
Age: 77 years on July 4th 1913
Birthplace:  Sherokowa, Germany ( I am sure that is not the right spelling!)
years in US: 60
years in Karnes county: 60
Husband full name: Joseph Dupnik
Death: 18 Dec 1890
How long Joseph served: 3 years 1861-close of war
Captain:  Camf
Was an infantryman and transfered to blacksmith shop at the Government post in San Antonio.
Witnesses: Alexander Dziuk and F. Manka
Statement from witnesses:  I, F. Manka know that Joseph Dupnik served in confederate army as a blacksmith stationed at the Gov. Post at San Antonio for I saw him employed in service.  Officiants both here known said Mrs. Annie Dupnik and her husband Joseph Dupnik died since 1855 and have lived in the same community with them since 1855.
They all sign.
The death record of Annie was also attached to this document:
She died 26 Jul 1924 in Hobson, Karnes, Texas.  She died at the home of Robert Dupnik, her son  The body was prepared for the funeral by J. Polasek.  She died of apoplexy.

Widow's application for pension of Mrs. Alexander Dziuk of Karnes county, Texas of Hobson.  Filed 25 Sep. 1930 and approved on the same say.  Pension started Oct. 1, 1930.  She was the widow of Alexander Dziuk, who died 2w4 Mar. 1924 in Karnes county.  She married him on 4 Feb 1866 in Karnes.  He served as a confederate soldier on the frontier in the state militia.  His surgeon certified his disability.  He served till the war closed.  He has been a resident of the county since 1854.
Questions answered by Mrs. Dziuk:
Age: 86 on Dec. 25, 1844
How long in Karnes: 76 years
Where is your address: Hobson
Husband draw pension: no
Postoffice at his time of death:  Helena, but he was away on cattle drives and enlisted in Arkansas.
How long served: do not know
Served as:  cavalry und Cap. Flower also in Texas militia.  Don't remember when.
Rank:  he was a private in the cavalry
Signed 23 Sep 1930
Witnesses:  Ino Kolodziej nd J.  Kuhnel
Statement from Joseph Gawlik. I will be 85 years old Nov. 10, 1930.  I knew Alexander Dziuk since 1855 to the time of his death.  I served in the same company with him in the Texas state militia during Civil War till his discharge for service in confederate Army.  We served to protect citizens against Indians. 23 Sep. 1930.

Statement from Charlie Korzekwa.:  I am 85 years of age and have lived in Karnes County since 1855.  I knew Alexander Dziuk since 1855 up to the time of his death a few years ago, our home was in the same community in Karnes County, Texas and we attended the same church all our lives.  We also went to school together, whilewe did not serve in the same company, during the confederate war, yet, I knew he was away during the war and it was said he was serving in the confederate army, to the best of my knowledge and belief, I believe he was serving in the confederate army, yet I did not see him when he was a confederate soldier.  During the war I went with him and others with cattle to Alexander Louisiana, we took some cattle to confederate soldiers.  After that, I was not at home until the war broke up and I do not know what he did until I returned home after the war, where I met him again.
23 Sep 1930

Death record of Mrs. Alexander Dziuk, died 25 Jun 1931 in Panna Maria.  She died in the home of her son, A. H. Dziuk.
From the undertaker's statement:  Henry Kyrish, was the gravedigger in Panna Maria and had charge of her body and he prepared her body on 26 Jun.  She died of old age.

These 2 items are extracted from holdings of the Texas State Archives.  Below a picture of the grave of the father of Alex Dziuk, Jan Dziuk, brother of my 2nd great grandmother, Catharina Dziuk of Koszecin/Koschentin Oberschlesien.

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