Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Panna Maria Pensioneers Pt 4

This is the last of the pensioneers of the Civil War that I have records of. This is for the widow's application of Mrs. John T. Moczygemba of Hobsen. Filed Nov 13, 1930 and approved same day.
John T. died 13 Sep 1903 in Karnes County. His widow stated she never remarried. She married him on 14 Sep 1870 in Karnes. He was a confederate soldier till the end of the war.
Questions asked:
age: 80 years. 14 Aug 1850
Length of residence Karnes: sinc 1856
Postal address: Hobson
Length of service: over 2 years.
Date of enlistment: She doesn't know
Service: Cavalry
Witnesses: John Manka and A. W. Dziuk on 6 Nov 1930

They both sign that they knew the deceased.
Statement of John Manka: I am 80 years old. I knew John T. Moczygemba both before and after the Civil War. We both lived in the little Village of Panna Maria, Karnes, Texas. I knew he went away to the Confederate Army some time during the War and when the War was over, I saw him come home dressed in a Confederate Uniform.
Another statement from Tom Jendrzey:
I, Tom Jendrzey and ex-confederate soldier, age 85 years do hereby make this sworn statement that John Moczygemba of Karnes County, who is now deceased, and myself served together in Captain Wash Brown cavalry under Major Fly for a period of about one year in said cavalry and that we together saw service on the frontier of Texas. I do not remember the company letter of our company. 4 Oct. 1930.

Karnes County May 19, 1938 burial supplies for the burial of Mrs. John T. Moczygemba (Annie) age 90 years who died near Hobson on May 19, 1938 was buried in Panna Maria Cemetery on May 21, 1938. Costs incurred were $162.50. J.B. Pollock undertaker.

Mrs. John T. Moczygemba died on 19 May and the responsible party for payment of debts was their son Louis Moczygemba. Cause of death, broken hip and old age.

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