Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Panna Maria Pensioneers Pt. 3

Soldier's Application for a pension for Tom Urbanczyk of Karnes County, Cestohowa.  Filed 1 Mar 1915 and approved same day. 
I, Tom Urbanczyk was honorably discharged on May or Jun of 1865 at Galveston .  I don't remember the exact day of the month but know we had rosting ears (corn?) when I reach home in Karnes Co.
Questions answered:
Age: 73 years
Birthplace: In Europe, Prussia
Resident of Texas for: since 1854
Residence: Cestohowa
Occupation: Not able to work, very bad physical condition
Length of service: 3 years Spring 1862-war's end
Unit: Company A. Light Artillery.  Capt. Fox's co.
Rank: Private
I was conscripted served till war was over.
Own no home I have only 2 cows and 2 mares.
Signed by mark X 18 Jan `9`5.
Witness: Anton Jazombek and F.T. Moczygemba
F.T. Moczygemba Statement: I have known Tom Urbanczyk since 1855. I served in the same company with him and thought the Civil company a. Capt. Fox's light infantry .  We first served about 1 year together on the Rio Grande.Then we were together about 4 months at Corpus Christi and the remainder of the time we were at Galveston.  Anton Jamzombek says I was a member of Comapny B second Texas Infantry and was stationed at Galveston about 1 year while there I also saw Tom Urbanczyk doing duty as a confederate soldier and in Confederate uniform.  I knew him since he was from the same county as me.  18 Jan 1918
Assessed property total value $100.
Statement Anton Jarzombek:
I Antone Jarzombek know the facts set forth in foregoing application are true because I have known applicant intimatelysince 1852 And I saw him while He was engaged in service of Civil War. 5 Mar 1914.
Statement from County Judge.
Thos Urbanczyk rendered for taxes 395 acres of land in Karnes County and personal property making total aggregate of real and personal estate rendered by him for taxes in said county for the year 1912, amount to 5200.00
Affiant says that it was a fact that he owned said property in the year 1912, but that in or about the month of March 1913, he was confined to his bed and believing that he would not recover and being desirous of dividing his property amoung his children, he proceeded to divide his property both real and personal among his children executing deeds to each of his children, thereby disposing of all of his said property, and that said disposition of his property was not done for the purpose of obtaining a pension, and that he is now without property of kind or character except 2 mares valued at $80.00 10 Mar 1914.
Personal statement of Tom Urbanczyk:
Duly sworn  and conscripted in Panna Maria, Karnes and went to San Antonio where I was sworn into the confederate service.  I was assigned to Company A light artillery Capt. Fox Co and was in that Company until the end of the War in 1865.  I was under General Magruder who I saw at Brownville and at Galveston.  I also saw General Bee there who was from Bee and Goliad counties.

The county judge C.L.Bell writes to Hon. Geo. Kyser in Austin, stating that he thought that the disposition of his property was simply a subterfuge in order to obtain a pension.  Because he still resides on said property.  He wishes that it is not made known that he made this statement.  The application was rejected.

From the War department:
Records show that John Urbanczyk also written only as "J" was found in the rolls but no Tom was listed in the Fox company.
Several more affadavits were filed by others who stated of his feebleness of old age and genuine division of property to his children.
Abstracted from holdings of the Texas State Archives.

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