Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Panna Maria Pensioneers Pt. 2

Here another. Name of applicant: F.T. Moczygemba of Panna Maria. File Jan 12, 1911 and approved 3 Feb.
Honorably discharged at the close of the War 1865.
Questions asked:
Age: 68
Birthplace: In Prussian Europe
Length of time in Tx.: 1855
County: Karnes
How long at said address: 1855
Occupation: None, I am blind
Enlisted: 1862-1865
Branch of Service: Artillery
Rank: Private
Dated 31 Oct 1910
Witness: Tom Urbanczyk and Anton Jazabek
Tom Urbanczyk Statement:
I was a ember of Fox's Battery of Light Artillery in the Confederate Service. F.T. Moczygemba was a member of the same battery with me. We enlisted in the Confederate service on the same day at Houston and were together till the close of the war. He never deserted the service but he was a good and faithful soldier all through the war.
Anton Jazabek's statement:
I, do solemly swear that I have known the applicant, F.T. Moczygemba more than 50 years. I knew him in the Confederate Army. He was a member of Capt. Fox's Company of Artillery. I was a member of Company B, 2nd Texas Infantry. He served in the army about 3 years. He served till the close of the war and never deserted the service. I saw Mr. Moczygemba frequently and am stating what I say from personal knowledge. I am 74 years of age and have lived in Karnes County since the year 1854.

War Deptartment:
The name F.T. Moczygemba has not been found on the rolls, on file in this office, of Fox's Texas Battery, Confederate States Army, nor has any record been found of the capture or parole of a man of that name and organization. The records show, however, that one FRANK Moczygemba, private, said battery, whic was also know as Maclin's Battery, and as the 8th Texas Field Battery, Confederate States Army, enlisted Sept. 1 1862. ON the roll of the battery for September and October, 1863. No later record was found.

F.T. Moczygemba died on 8 Jul 1917. His son is Ben, who was taking care of him at this time. Mortuary fee 30 dollars. Attended by Dr. A R. Schrerer, Rev. S. Klaosek. Coffin made of boards. No undertaker made the coffin. He died of Chronic Nephritis with uremic coma.

Extracted from holdings of the Texas State Archives

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