Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Folowing Grallas in Breslau

Grallas in Breslau in 1936, Georg, Ottilie, my grandmother, laborer, living at 1 Schulhbruecke 33., Richard, Richard, and Wilhelm. 

Grallas in Breslau in 1937, Georg, Ottilie, my grandmother, a worker, living at 1 Schuhbruecke, 33., Richard and Richard.

Grallas in Breslau 1940, Georg, Johann, Ottilie, my grandmother, the seamstress living at Schulhbruecke, 33.

Grallas in Breslau in 1941.  Here we have a Georg, an employee living at X Drabizius Str. 13, 3rd floor.  Johann, a mechanic,  at XXXII Str. 100 House 1, first floor, and Ottilie, my grandmother, seamstree on Schuhbruecke 44, 4th floor. Richard, an employee, 1 Alsenstr. 59, and another Richard, living at XXI Hochstr. 18, and Schlosser Gralla at XIII on Augusta Str. 64.

Breslau Grallas in 1943, exactly as in 1941.  (See above)

Gralla in 1957 in Frankfurt, Germany.  My grandmother, Ottilie Gralla, was living on Arndt St. 46.  There is also a Paul Gralla in town.  He lived on Kesselstaedterstr. 1 .
This is after my family fled to West Germany.  It is also the year my parents and I came to America. 
I am showing these address books, because I also have the Melde records, or moving records, and there are many more addresses where my grandmother, mom and aunt were living.  It is interesting to see the more details of the Melde records.

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