Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Genealogy on My Dad's Side

It's been a while since I posted my mom's family pedigree charts and family group sheets.  And I have done some other projects since that time.  Well, it's time to post the other side of my family.  I have been kind of dreading it, because it is a BIG project.  I am starting today.  There are over 100 pedigree charts.  That's alot.  Today I will post a beginning.  So bear with me, and I will eventually get the pedigrees online.  However, there are too many family group sheets.  So if anyone is looking at a chart and might want one, I can always email it to you.  So here is part 1 of this little undertaking!

The ancestors of Heinz Karl Hoeke  are now being presented.  Please click to enlarge the charts.

Chart 1. Families shown are Hoeke, Lindemann, Richter, Ost, Baatge, Garz, Henning and Schulle.

Chart 2. Families shown are Hoeke, Opitz, Geissler, Bernhardi, Schroeder, Kirschner, Mueller and Wiese.

Chart 3. Families shown are Richter, Geissler, Krausch, Jaenichen, Hanisch, Schultz, Schmidt and Gruebler.

Chart 4. Families on this chart are Lindemann, Deters, Paul, Jaenecke, Hoehne, Wolle, Porep, and Leue.

Chart 5. Families here are Ost, Palm, Schmidt, Borgstorff, Rulff, Horst, Koehne, and Luecke.

Chart 6. Families above are Baatge, Steindorf, Liebig Cubies and Loeser.
Chart 7. Families are Schulle, Hasse, Ernst, Mendel, Brill, Schulze, Steveken and Schulze.
There is one chart missing here, that didn't print off correctly, so will do this later!
Here is a little space-holder!

Chart 8. For the Garz family of Tangermuende, Droescher, Stutzer, and Adler of Tangermuende and Maess of Jerichow and Hohengohren, Kolrep of Buensche, Schulze of Jerichow and Haacke of Jerichow.  I had to do a little "hand-writing" on this chart in order to not do everything again, since this one printed out funny the first time.  Sorry...

Chart 9. Families here are Henning, Kaeseberg, Lindstedt, Camieth, Mueller, Wilke, Braun,  and Giese.

Chart 10. These families are Hoeke, Klaebe, Ochsmann, Kuester and Hester.

Chart 11. Here we have the families of Geissler, Zocher, Baligk, Reichelt, Dehne and Burke.

Chart 12. Next families Opitz, Wollbrechtshausen,  and some females without known surnames... :(.

Chart 13. Here are the Bernhardi, Kannegiesser, Geschke/Jeschke, Kilian, Otte and Steinkirchners.

Chart 14. Here are the Schroeders, Koehler, Niebert families.

Chart 15. Next are Kirschner and Loch families.

Chart 16. Here is a end of line Mueller family.

Chart 17. Here we have Weise, Doberitzsch and Wagen families.

Chart 18. The end of the Richter line is on this chart.

Chart 19. The Geissler and Hezschen families are on this chart.

Chart 20. Here we have Krausch, Richter, Lehmann and Kirchhoff.  And for tonight, that's all I will be posting.  Stay tuned.  There's lots more to come!

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