Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Genealogy on My Dad's Side Pt. 5

Chart 81 for Schultze, Schimmelpfennig and Finzelberg of Fischbek, Sandau, Tangermuende and Mahlwinkel.

Chart 82 for Thuernagel, Reppin of Schoenhausen.  I found them in the Ortssippenbuch!

Chart 83 for Schultze and Dittmann of Schoenhausen.  I sure have lots of Schultze lines!

Chart 84 for a different Schultze lin of Tangermuende, Fischbeck and Mahlwinkel.  Also a repeat of the Finzelberg line.  Two woman were related so they have the same ancestry.

Chart 85 for the Camieths and Berner of Kemnitz.  This is not "Chemnitz" misspelled... Just so you don't get confused!

Chart 86 for Eggers of Chueden.

Chart 87 for the Wolter fam of Grieben.

Chart 88 for the Niemoellers of Boeddenstedt.
Chart 89 for my Schultze fam of Salzwedel.

Chart 90 for the Thielbeers of Boeddenstedt.

Chart 91 for Gieratz of Wallstawe and Deskau and Bencken of Wallstawe and Salzwedel.

Chart 92 of Bernhardi from Mittweida and Frankenberg.

Chart 93 for Heinel of Frankenberg.

Chart 94 for Starcke, the pastors of Meissen and Muehlhausen and Seeligstadt and Pfeiffer in Meissen and Nauendorf of Meissen.

Chart 95 for the medieval family of Ernst of Erfurt, Nordhausen, Antwerp, Belgium and Reibeis of Nordhausen. 
Chart 96 for Starcke of Senftenberg.

Chart 97 for the Geschke family of Lommatzsch.

Chart 98 for the Gentzsch family of Lommatzsch and Alt Lommatzsch, another medieval fam.

Chart 99 for the end of the Holzendorf fam of Tremmen.

Chart 100 for the Fricke fam of Tremmen and Schultze and Plumken, all of Tremmen.

Chart 101 for the Proebsting and Muehlhausen family of Muehlhausen, Kamen-Heeren, Ostheeren, Uelzen, Hilbeck and Wickede in Westfalen.  A special thanks to the hard work of E. Holtkamp who has done fantastic work in Westfalen and helped many a researcher!

Chart 102 for Schulte-Dellwig, Fullenspieth of Dellwig and Froendenberg.  Thanks E. Holtkamp!

Chart 103 for Starcke of Seeligstadt, another medieval fam.

Chart 104 for Pfeiffer of Meissen, another medieval fam.

Chart 105 for Ernst of Antwerpen and that's all on them!

Chart 106 for the Reibbeis of Nordhausen, a very old fam.

Chart 107 for the medieval fam Schulte zu Provestinck and Proebsting of Hilbeck.  Thanks E. Holtkamp.
Chart 108 for the Maess family of Hohengoehren, Helm and Wetzeln, same place.

Chart 109 for the end of the Kolrep line in Buensche.  Need to work on this one!

Chart 110 for the Schulze fam of Jerichow and Thien also of Jerichow.

Chart 111 and the last chart for the time being!  I did it.  They are posted and I am tired and this is it for me today!  This is the Haacke family of Jerichow and Seehausen of Jerichow.  So till the next post!

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