Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Genealogy on My Dad's Side Pt. 4

The genealogy continues.  I told you that there were lots of pages.  But I am getting there.  Here is another batch and again, don't forget to click to enlarge if you want to see the pages better!
Chart 66 for the Doberitzsch family of Windmillers.

Chart 67, is the Lehmann family of Schmerkendorf and Marxdorf.

Chart 68 for the Kirchhoff family of Marxdorf.
Chart 68 is the Kirchhoff family of Marxdorf.

Chart 69 is the Knisse and Kaul families of Boragk and Kreinitz and Zschepa.

Chart 70 is for Kuntzsch, Kaul from Kreinitz and Zschepa.

Chart 71 is the end of the line for the Dreyssig family of Graefendorf.

Chart 72 is for the Holzendorf family of Tremmen and Michaelis, also Tremmen.
Chart 73 is for the Neuhoff, Niederstadt, Wiemann families of Froendenberg, Menden and Halingen.
This is my family from Westfalen.

Chart 74 is for the Fischer also known as Fischer, also of Froendenberg in Westfalen.

Chart 75 is for the Boings, remember those airplanes you ride?  Yes, this is that line from Kamen in Westfalen and Proebsting, Schulte-Dellwig and Luermann families.

Chart 76 is for the Schulte Hoeing family of Westfalen.  Sounds like this should a farming family, no?  It's funny how in different areas of Germany the names vary soooo much.

Chart 77 for the Heinemann family, also a pastor line, out of Bavaria.  What a surprise.

Chart 78 is the Lindstedt and Uekermann families of Steinitz.  I found all the people of this family and other in the Ortssippenbuch of Schoenhausen.  I actually found lines that a OSB had been written for.  Usually I never have such great luck, specially since the records were not filmed.

Char 79 is the Tunne and Kaehne family of Gross Mangelsdorf.

Chart 80 is the Bittelmann and Kuesel families again found in the Ortssippenbuch of Schoenhausen.  I felt sooo lucky.

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