Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Genealogy on My Dad's side Pt. 3

Here is the next group of pedigree charts.  Again, Click to enlarge.
Chart 41. The Ernst and Luetgens families.

Chart 42 contains Schulze, Schulte zu Ardey, Sybrecht, Neuhoff, Nieden, Fischer and Hoeing.

Chart 43 has Garz, Schultze, Luethgarth, Heinemann, and Braun.

Chart 44 Is Stutzer, Welle, Fischer, Dammel, Henning.

Chart 45 has Droescher and Ahrenburg families.

Chart 46 is the Adler and Thiele families.

Chart 47 contains Henning, Kauck, Tonne, Pakebusch families.

Chart 48 contains Lindstedt, THuernagel, Neumann, Schultze, Bittelmann, and Tunne.

Chart 49 is for Kaeseberg, Gille, Lange and Armknecht.

Chart 50 is the Camieth, Loverenz, Niemoeller, Thielbeer, Gieratz, Wolter and Eggers families.

Chart 51 is Mueller and Sass families.

Chart 52 has the Braun and Piper families.
Chart 53 is the Hoeke family, end of their line.

Chart 54 is the Klaebe family, another end of line family.
Chart 55 is the Ochmann end of line family.

Chart 56. This is the end of the Geisslers.
Chart 57 for the end of the Baligk family lines.

Chart 58 for the Zocher and Hiller families.

Chart 59 for the Dehne family of Sueptitz.

Chart 59 for the Dehne family of Sueptitz.

Chart 60 for the Reichelt family of Grosswig.
Chart 61 for the Burke family of Grosswig.

Chart 62 for the Bernhardi, Heinel, Geissler, Starcke, Koeckeritz and Ernst families.  This is my pastor line and a lot of information was found for them.

Chart 63 is the Geschke, also spelled Jeschke and Gentzsch and Stein lines.

Chart 64 is another pastor family, Kilian.

Chart 65 is for the Steinkirchner family.

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