Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Genealogy on My Dad's Side Pt. 2

Well, here is the next batch of pedigrees.  Please Click to enlarge.
Chart 21 contains the following names:  Jaenichen, Wilhelm, Mayer.

Chart 22 has Hanisch and that's all!

Chart 23 has Schultz, Knisse, Kuntzsch, Schuster.

Chart 24 has Schmidt Dreyssig and Keulwagen.

Chart 25 has Gruebler, Lisske and Zuschmann.

Chart 26 contains Lindemann only.

Chart 27 has the family Deters.

Chart 28 has Hoehne and Hinz families.

Chart 29 is Wolle, Donath, and Charlieben families.

Chart 30 contains Leue, Kersten and Kabelitz.

Chart 31 is Ost and Koch.

Chart 32 is Schmidt, Vogler, Rogge, and Roele.

Chart 33 is Palm, Seefeldt, Schulze, Holzendorf, and Lacke.
Chart 34 is for Borgstorff and Biegelt families.

Chart 35 for the Rulff family.

Chart 36 is the Horst and Klut family.

Chart 37 is the Hasse, Fischer, Latorf, Luedeken, Brose families.
Chart 38 is Ernst, Westhoff and Hamel family pedigrees.

Chart 39 is Brill Pfannenschmidt, Voss, Ebert and that's all!

Chart 40 is Schulle, Paul and Hage.
And this is all for this section!

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