Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Monday, September 5, 2011

Gralla Passengers to America

Zofia Gralla was discharged on board from the ship's hospital.  At age 16, she was single and a Russian citizen of Polish nationality.  She was from Ostrow.  Her mother was her next of kin still residing in Ostrow, Lomza Gubernia.  Her mother was Marianna Gralla.  She is enroute to 37 Prospect St. Hempstead, NY where she will be residing at the home of her father has was already in America, Piotr Gralla.  She paid her own fare and has no money in her possession.  She can read and write.  She is 4'6" tall and has brown hair and brown eyes.  Her ship is the SS Noordam sailing from Rotterdam on Mar. 23, 1912 and arriving in NYC on Apr. 2, 1912.  She is Hebrew.

Bronislaw Gralla is 21, a Russian citizen of Polish nationality.  He is single from Krzincky, Poland.  Father is next of kin still residing in Poland by the name of Mateuz Gral(l)a.  he was going to Chicago, Il. and his passage was paid by his brother, Frank, who resides at 515 Vermont or Wermont St. in Brooklyn, New York.  He is 5'6", brown hair and eyes.  Born in Krzinski, he was a farm laborer technician.  He reads and writes.  He sailed on the SS Ryndam from Rotterdam 24 Aug 1912 and arrived 2 Sep. 1912.

Chane Choye Grala actually had the spelling of Gralia on her passenger list.  She is 18, and a servant.  She is Hebrew and can't read or write.  She was born in Rozan, Poland and a citizen of Russia.  Still residing in Lomza, is her mother Zirel Gralia of Rozan.  She is enroute to Brooklyn, NY.  her father paid her passage and she is in possession of no money.  Her father is J. Gralla who resides at 372 Steyman St. in Brooklyn, NY.  She is 5'6", fair complected, blondd and blue eyes.  She sailed from Antwerp on the SS Finland 13 Sep 1913 and arrived 23 Sep 1913.

Katarzyna Grala is 18, and a farmhand.  She can't read or write.  She is from Grale, Poland.  Her next of kin is Margarita Grala who lives in Grale, Lomza Gubernia.  She is heading to Pennsylvania to the town of Conshohocken.  Her passage is paid by her father.  She has in her possession $25.00 and is joining her father, Walenty Grala at 2 Oakdrive in Conshohocken.  her height is 4'10", brown hair and eyes.  No identifiable marks.  Place of birth was in Grale.  Her ship is the SS Noordam, sailing from Rotterdam and arriving in NYC May 7, 1913.

Another Katarzyna Gralla is a 28 year old housewife.  She can read and write.  Her children are traveling with her and they are:  Mikolaj, 9, Leokadia, 6, Johanna, 3, none of which read or write.  They are from Rakow, Poland and are Russian citizens.  Her next of kin, her mother, Anna Almaczewskia, was still living in Poland at this time.  Her place of birth is Drasawki as is also the place of birth of her children.  Their ship ws the SS Imperator sailing from Hamburg to NYS 18 Jun. 1913.  She possessed $30.00.

Neche Grala is a 24 year old housewife, traveling with her 3 year old son, Moische.  She can't read or write and is a Hebrew from Rozan, Poland and a Russian citizen. Her destination is Brooklyn, NY.  Sailing from Rotterdam on the SS Ryndam Sep. 3, 1910 and arriving 13 Sep 1910.  Her grandfather is her next of kin still in Rozan, no name given.  She paid her own passage and is in possession of $250.00.  She is going to her husband, Chemya Grana Grala, address is C/O Mr. Korman, 210 Kumbold St. Brooklyn, NY.  Her height is 4'10", fair complection, brown hair and eyes.  Born in Naschelk, Poland.

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