Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Monday, September 5, 2011

Franz Gralla in Kamien

After my Great-grandfather came back from Belarus, he settled in a different place with his family.  Before his leaving, of course, he and his family and all the ancestors lived in Oberschlesien.  Now he was moving back to Niederschlesien.  I wonder why he didn't return to Koschentin, Irkau, and back to his roots?  What took him to Kamien?  This locality is quite far from his homeland.  But maybe it was a job that took him here?  I really never heard that he did forestry in Kamien, so that would be of interest to me to dig into.  I have since made contact with several Gralla descendants still living in the area.  It is nice to have family still there.
Here are some pictures of a couple of churches of this area at the time of their renovations.
This is St. Joseph Church in Wasosz (formerly Herrnstadt) during its 1986 renovation

This is a filial (sister) church which was formerly Protestant, and now Catholic in Czeladz Wielka, (formerly Tschilesen) during its 1988 renovation time.
I would love to go back to Poland and visit this area.  Last trip to Poland didn't have enough time and the weather was not so good, either.  But hopefully, I will get another opportunity some day!

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