Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Monday, June 6, 2011

Elmore, Minnesota Census Returns for 1860-1920


                                   COMPILED BY:
                                  SONJA HÖKE-NISHIMOTO
                                                        COPYRIGHT JAN. 1994
No part of this document may be reproduced without written con­sent from the compiler.


I have compiled this census of Elmore in the hopes that it will be a source of enjoyment for those who once lived there, as did I.  I also hope that it may be of service to those searching for genea­logical information of their families who once resided there, to help them learn a little about their forefathers and the builders of the state of Minnesota.  It has been a great joy to compile this and see names that I recognize from my childhood in the 1950's and 60's, whose ancestors lived in Elmore so many years before and helped to build up this village.

There are four censuses which have been compiled, the 1860, when Elmore was known as Dobson, the 1880, 1900 and 1920 censuses.  Each census contains different information and therefore, each section looks different and has a different format.  In order to save space, there are several abbreviations which were used.

In the 1860 census the following abbreviations were used:

 POB=Place of birth
All U.S. states were abbreviated by current postal abbreviations.

In the 1880 census the following abbreviations were used:                                                              Birthpl.=Birthplace
All U.S. states are again abbreviated.

In the 1900 and 1920 censuses the following abbreviations were used:
POB=place of birth
FPOB=father's place of birth
MPOB=mother's place of birth
YR IM=year of immigration

All U.S. states were abbreviated by current postal abbrevia­tions.  All foreign countries were abbreviated by the first three let­ters of the country, as shown below:
GER.=Germany                        IRE.=Ireland                            WAL.=Wales
NOR.=Norway                           DEN.=Denmark                      SWI.=Switzerland
SCO.=Scotland                         ENG.=Eng­land                       CAN.=Canada
SWE.=Sweden                         POL.=Poland                          RUS.=Russia          
BEL.=Belgium                         AUS.=Austria                            LUX.=Luxembourg

When the foreign town or foreign province of birth was given rather than only the country, this was not abbreviated, but rather written out as given in the census record.

This book contains four sections:
Section I:   1860 census
Section II:  1880 census
Section III: 1900 census
Section IV: 1920 census

Due to difficulties in reading the various handwriting styles, there may be errors.  There were also obvious errors in the taking of these census records.  Some names were also not legible. 

As a professional German genealogist, I get the opportunity to search for many German family in the old German parish records.  It has been of great interest to me, to notice that as I have re­searched for these families, I have come across the fact the many names in Elmore of German extraction can be found in the Netze district in Posen.  A good example of this is in the parish of Wirsitz, where many names also found in Elmore can be seen, as an example, Boettcher, Fenske, Quad(e), Bethke, Klatt/Klott, Krause, Krienke, Wiese and Ristau.  In the parish of Margonin, the addi­tional names of Ja(h)nke, Klatt, Hinz, Imm, Schlender and Kuss and Erdmann can be found.  I think it is a fairly safe assump­tion that many of the German immigrants to Elmore, specifically can probably be traced to this particular region.

I will post these in parts in the next little while. 

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