Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Frankenberg Sachsen Court Records

Hi everyone, after a little hiatus due to blogger not accepting my password, I have missed a while in blogging.  I finally figured out yesterday that if I used Chrome I could log in, but by the time I discovered it, I had no time to blog.  So today I am posting a couple of samples of court records from Sachsen, the city of Frankenberg where my ancestors the Bernhard(i) and Heynel families lived.  These are not the usual birth, marriage and death records that one would find in the church records, but excellent records, none-the-less. 

I have a thick stack of these records which I copied and had once asked my dad to translate, but I guess he either forgot or lost them, I am not sure.  Anyway, I guess after I retire, somewhere down the road, I will have to take the time to do that.  These records have various court proceedings, wills, land records and others which go back into the 1500's.  The handwriting is beautiful and the records often give information as to family connections thereby making it possible to extend one's pedigree.

These records are quite often the only records we have from the Sachsen area that are microfilmed.  They also probably go farther back in time then many existing church records.  That is why they are so important and a source you shouldn't overlook because they are not church records.   
Here are some samples:

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