Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Silesian Profiles Names Vol II

Vol II profiles concerns Polish Immigration to Texas for the 1850's to 1870"s.  It was published in 2004.  For ordering information, please see the previous blog post.

Volume II Families

Adamik and Koy, Banduch and Walentek, Bednorz and Brzezina, Bednorz and Bomba, Biela and Piecuch, Burda and Sowik, Cebulla and Gabor, Cotulla and Rieder, Dlugosz and Kasperczyk, Drys and Koy, Dylla and Pawlik, Dziuk and Willczek, Gawel and Sebastian, Gawel and Kozub, Gawel and Samol, Gawel and Obstuj, Gawel and Hollewa, Gawel and Simonski, Gawlik and Slodczyk, Janta and Reyman, Jarzabek and Schmiga, Jureczko and Koza, Jureczko and Matysek, Kalka and Morawietz, Kasprzik and Zielenski, Keller and Yosko, Kindel and Gabor, Knappik and Pieczka, Kolenda and Pietrucka, Kolodziej and Smyk, Kolonka and Hadrian, Korzekwa and Wiatrek, Kotara and Winkler, Kotulla and Englert, Kowallik and Piecuch, Kowallik and Smiga, Kozielski and Filla, Kozielski and Smuda, Kozielski and Fikus, Kozub and Rozwadowski, Kus and Jonczyk, Kus and Opiela, Labis, Labish and Zmuda, Labus and Knopp, Lipok and Palica, Mainka and Swietek, Mikosch nad Knappik, Morawietz and Jaschkowitz, Morawietz and Rudolf, Mzyk and Wiatrek, Niestroj and Przybysch, Nocon and Masseli, Oczko and Rudek, Palica and Haiduk, Paschke and Heidrich, Piecuch and Szyguda, Polok and Pierdola, Polok and Glinka, Pruski and Blech, Pyka and Tkocz, Pyka and Posmyk, Rozwadowski and Kottysch-Witek, Schrobarczik and Grabon, Schwierz and Wiatrek, Schyguda and Gas, Schyguda and Koczorek, Schyguda and Nieslony, Sczodrok and Kowalczyk, Snoga and Konietzny, Szczepanik and Madla, Tudyk and Pancherz, Warzecha and Kuczka, Weiss and Kotulla, Wiatrek and Korzekwa, Winkler and Wiatrek, Wygladacz and Posmyk, Zienc and Lipok, Zyzik and Bronder

As I read these names and was typing them, I couldn't believe how many of these names appear in my Jarischau reconstruction project.  But really, why should that surprise me?  Jarischau is very close to Pluznica Wielka, home of Father Leopold who encouraged the movement to Texas in the 1850's.

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