Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Karl Wilhelm Richter Born 1822 in Süptitz!

A couple of weeks ago on the Sachsen mailing list there was a somewhat unfriendly "debate" of sorts regarding the posting of names of "common name" ancestors, like Richter, Mueller, Schmidt, etc.  Luckily most people were of a mind, that regardless of how common the name, they were just as important to post and find as those with the unusual names and so that is what I am posting about today.  I had made a post about my Karl Wilhelm Richter, who I had thought was born in 1825 to Karl Wilhelm Richter.  Well, thanks to a researcher that helped with this, Ronny Suske, I was able to resolve this and find that he was not born in 1825, but rather 1822 and his father was not Karl Wilhelm, which was a clerical error in the record.  So I have my Richters, common name or not and I am happy about this!

I am posting the charts below for which I am very excited!  As in the past, click to enlarge!

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