Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Jan Dziuk Family History: From Silesian Profiles V. II

With permission from the Silesian Profiles committee, I am showing you the pages of my ancestor, Jan Dziuk born in Koschentin/Koszecin Poland which were published in Vol II of the Silesian Profiles books. 
I had written an article which was published in the PGST publication "Footprints" in the summer edition for the year 2009.  It is also reprinted in an earlier blog entry.  This article of the Dziuks deals with their life prior to their immigration to Texas.  The two volumes of Silesian Profiles deal with the early pioneers of Panna Maria and their lives following their arrival.  It often gives information regarding the place of origin.  These books contain great information for anyone interested in their Panna Maria family history.

There are still some books remaining and I am listing the family names in each volume.  The red book is vol 1 and the blue book is vol II.
To acquire either of these volumes:
Ordering Information:
 Silesian Profiles and/or Silesian Profiles II
 Cost per book is $30.00 which includes tax.
 Postage and handling cost - $3.50 for one book; $4.50 for two books.

 Please make checks payable to PMHS Silesian Profiles and mail to:
 PMHS Silesian Profiles
 P. O. Box 2074
 Sugar Land, Texas 77487-2074

 Important:  Please specify if you want the red book (Volume I) or blue
 book (Volume II).  
The surnames of couples appearing in each book are listed on the website:  on the PUBLICATIONS page. I am posting them here also.
Volume 1 families
Adamietz, Schitorsz/Sitorz, Anderwald and Adamietz, Aniol and Membel/Mendla, Bomba and Pinkawa, Bronder and Krawietz, Bronder and Poloczek, Czerner and Grush, Czerner and Ibrom, Dlugi/Dugi and Friedrich, Dlugosz/Dlugosch and Ploch, Dupnik/Dupnick and Kaczmarek, Feluks/Felux and Moczygemba, Feluks/Felux and Gruszka, Gabrys/Gabrysch and Zuber, Halamuda and Kalisok/Kaliseb, Kaczmarek and Walura, Kalka and Kolibaba, Kielbassa/Kiolbassa and Kaczmarczyk, Kielbassa/Kiolbassa and Burda, Kierys/Kyrisch and Moczygemba,  Kocur/Kotzur and Sekula, Kolodziej and Strzelczyk, Kolodziej and Pawlik, Korus and Strzelczyk, Kowalik and Snoga, Kozub and Zuber, Kozub and Kielbassa, Kozub and Scholtysik, Krawietz and Schygula, Kuczka and Gola, Labus and Knopp, Michalski and Pierdolla, Moczygemba and Wenz, Mocygemba and Josko, Moczygemba and Felux, Moczygemba and Cadena, Moczygemba and Zienc, Moczygemba and Szyguda, Moczygemba, Father Leopold, Moczygemba and Kruppa, Mroz and Ploch, Mutz and Kolibaba, Olejnik and Wieczore, Panek and Gdwoka, Pierdola and Gorzel, Ploch  and Golla, Ploch and Mutz, Przybysz and Jarzumbek, Pyka and Jaszkowitz, Rabstein and Barthoszek, Rabstein and Hadryan, Rabstein and Pawlik, Richter and Anders, Richter and Kielbassa, Rzeppa and Dostrasch, Sekula and Burda, Sklorz and Manka, Skworcz and Hoffmann, Sowa and Schefczyk, Sowa and Zoworka, Stanus and Burda, Stanus and Badura, Waczlawczyk and Kasperczyk, Zajac/Zaiontz and Aniol.

That's a  lot of families, and that is volume I.  I will post the V. II names in the next entry.
By the way, the church at the main page of my blog is Sadow where the Dziuk story begins.  If you click on the items below they will enlarge for better viewing.

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