Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Local Newspapers Bring Life To Your Past

During one of my visits to Minnesota where I lived as a child, I was there for a Genealogy Conference, one of the tours was to the Minnesota Historical Library.  There they had all the old newspapers from throughout the state.  My father was an employee of the Elmore Eye.  And there was lots of local news and here was an event from my grandmother's visit to America.  She came to visit for 6 months.  The papers back in "those days" gave lots of info about local happenings.  I was able to buy the microfilms for all the years of the Elmore Eye.  With that I extracted and put into a document all articles of interest for myself, family and friends.  I just loved getting that information.  Then I went to California and did the exact same thing, but could only make xerox copies.  But it's OK.  Still got all the information either way.  It's nice because who can remember all this after the fact.

Local Happenings
Mr. and Mrs. Heinz Hoeke and Sonja and Mrs. Ottilie Gralla were Thursday evening dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Valla Zentz at the Colonial Inn.

On Monday evening a surprise farewell party was given in honor of Mrs. Ottilie Gralla, mother of Mrs. Heinz Hoeke.  She will be leaving for her home in Steinheim, Germany, via ocean liner M.S. Berlin on April 27.  Sponsors of the party were members of the Relief Society, women’s organization of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Fairmont Branch.  Mrs. Aeilt Troff of Ledyard, secretary of the organization was in charge of the program.  Mrs. Gralla expressed the wish that the members sing the hymn she still remembers was sung at the baptism service of her daughter, Mrs. Heinz Hoeke, 12 years ago in Freiberg, East Germany.  Branch President Jerry Barnes, Blue Earth, leader of the Fairmont congregation gave the invocation.  Talks were given and the program closed with “God be with you”.  Sonja Hoeke accompanied the singing on the piano.  Lunch was served after the program and Mrs. Gralla was presented a gift by the ladies.

Thursday May 28, 1964

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  1. Mom, what was the hymn she requested? I would like to know that???