Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jarischau/Jaryszow Kreis Gross Strehlitz

This is just a little help for me.  As I have written in earlier posts, I am hunting for all kinds of sources and entries about persons from the parish of Jarischau.  The reason being is that the parish lost all its records due to the war.  This little post is to help me remember the names of the towns within the parish as they were changed in the 1940's when Hitler had them changed.

German: Jarischau Polish: Jaryszow
German: Nogowschuetz Polish: Nogowczyce 1940's: Wangschuetz
German: Schironowitz Polish: Sieronowice 1940's:  Gruenheide
German: Grboschowitz Polish:  Grzeboszowice 1940's:  Neurain

Civil registration for Jaryszow was in Ujest
Civil registration for Nogowschuetz was in Blottnitz
Civil registration for Grzeboszowice and Sieronowice was in Gross Strehlitz

I have worked with the records of Blottnitz civil registration which are in Opole.  But I need to work on the again, some day!

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