Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Well, after 20 years of knowing she existed, I finally found her...unbelievable.  If you didn't read yesterday's entry, read that first, or this might not make sense...Anyway, today was my research day at the library. We get to dress down so that we can't be called out to help patrons.  Love this day.  This was a good research day, a REALLY good one.  So I got to work at about 7:40 am and before 8:00 I had found this:

OK, I know not everyone can read this cute little item.  So I will translate it for you here. The year is 1821 and the parish is Kotulin.  It says: 15 November in Balzarzowitz.  The inhabitant Bernard Palus from his wife Francisca nee KALUS about 10 in the evening on the 14 of the same month bore a daughter baptized and given the name of Leopoldine Elisabeth.  The Witnesses were Margaretha Misch, freefarmer of Balzarzowitz, Eva Czaplin Gardener in Sieronowitz and Thomas Krupa free gardener in Balzarzowitz.

I couldn't believe it.  They had a child in Balzazowitz.  This is in Kotulin parish.  I looked for others, it is the only child I found in Kotulin, although I find the parents continually coming here to be godparents for three couples.  I also knew the Gregor Palus, father of Bernard also was living in Sieronowitz, part of the Jaryszow parish, where I am recontructing the lost parish registers. 

So I kept looking for a while but found little else in Kotulin.  I thought about where I should look next, which parish were they or Francisca hiding in.  I kind of figured that this might have been their first child.  Bernhard was born in 1792 in Dziewkowitz and somehow I figured she was born abt 1805, but that would make her only 16, a little unlikely.  So I decided to take a quick look at  I must admit there really aren't many people looking for any of my families, which are very Catholic, so the chances were not in my favor.  I typed in her name and birth of abt 1800.  Up pop up 2 with that name, both submitted by the same person.  One had an "about" date from Warmuntowitz, Silesia, the other an exact date in 1803 in Blottnitz, the same parish as for Warmuntowitz.  Taking a quick look at the map, I see Warmuntowitz is one town north of Balzarzowitz.  Could I really be this lucky, yes I was.  Someone had submitted her with her parents Valentin Kalus and Elisabeth Haiduk.  Just as a quick explanation, the name Kalus is also written as Kalis/Kalisch and Kaluza and Haiduk is Heidek/Haydug and other crazy spellings.  I am using the most commonly used spellings.  So now I know someone in Logan Ut. is working on the same line.  I couldn't believe it.  I went on to find the marriage of Valentin and Elisabeth in Centawa parish.  Centawa is the place the residents of Warmuntowitz and Blottnitz went to church.    There indeed was her birth, but still I couldn't find a marriage for her.  I looked and looked.  I can only assume then that they married in the infamous Jaryszow, the bookless parish...  But I found her and Valentin is the son of Matheus Kalus of Sieronowitz, definitely in Jaryszow parish and Elisabeth Haiduk is the daughter of Andreas of Blottnitz in Centawa.  This is only a tiny bit of what I found today.  I can hardly guess how many names I found in Centawa and Kottulin for my family and it will be hours before I type them all into my genealogy program and add them to the reconstruction listing as well as go back through the parishes and keep adding more reconstruction names. 

Dominica had told me in Poland that if you now live in Nogowczyce, you are certain to come from one or two families.  She said those 2 families were Palus and Haiduk, guess what, I come from both of them.  That is so funny. 

So this is what seems to have happened to the Palus family.  They start out in Dziewkowitz and there are many Palus there.  My line leaves somewhere between 1805-1820, I think.  I will know better after I start recording everything.  They first seem to go to Balzarowitz, then Sieronowitz and lastly to Nogowczyce.  The line of Francisca goes back to Kotulin, then Centawa and one side goes back to Nogowczyce and the other stays in Centawa.  For how long, I don't know, but there are so many of the family there, unbelievable...

I had already checked both Centawa and Kotulin parishes in my past research for the Gralla name.  And I found many in Kotulin and some in Centawa.  I never thought I would find my mystery woman there.  But such is life...never what is expected!

Yes, we went to Centawa!  Yeah, so glad we did!

Funeral in Centawa
Parish at Centawa  where many of my ancestors lived, who knew???

Looking back at the funeral procession from the front of the parish.  It was a cold and nasty day or else I would have gotten out and taken pics of the inside of the church.  But at that time I didn't realize how important this place was in my family history.  OK! Now I know that this was NOT my last trip to Poland. There will have to be another, during a dry spell, I hope.  Now I will be looking for Haiduk/Kalus relatives.  Dominica says: Yes they all still live in Nogowcycze!

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