Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Saturday, October 2, 2010

More Polish Grallas From Luboschütz and Oppeln

In the Catholic parish in the city of Opole, Poland, a Gralla family first appeared about the year 1791 residents of the village of Luboschütz. This Gralla was Nicolaus Gralla, a soldier, age 30, who married Marianna Hannalonka of Opole, age 27 on the 3rd of Feb. Another early Gralla to this area was Valentin Gralla, who moved into Luboschütz from elsewhere and was also married on the 3rd of Feb. 1791 to Agnes Libor of Kempa. He was 28 and she was 26. As these are the only two Grallas in this parish, it is probable that they were brothers moving in from another town. Records are sketchy for this time period and few Gralla entries were noted. Later we find more Grallas in Opole.

Adalbert Gralla married Marianna Waletzko on 27 June 1824. He was then age 30 and she was 23. Four children were born to this couple, Joseph, on 14 Nov. 1834, who married Maria Klaus, Johann, 12 May 1827, who was married three times; to Agnes Malek, Josepha Hilla, and Agnes Kochanek, and a stillborn son on 24 Jun 1833, and a daughter Rosalia born in 1818, who died on 30 Aug. 1825.

Joseph Gralla and Maria Klaus, daughter of Mathias Klaus of Halbendorf married 14 Feb. 1865. Joseph was a brick mason at the time. Only one son, Joseph, born 26 Nov. 1865 was found in this parish.

Johann Gralla had several children born in Opole. From his first wife, Agnes Malek, whom he married on 8 Feb. 1846 when he was 19, and she was 18, were born five children. Anton was born on the 11th of Jan. 1848, and died on the 30th of the same month. Christina was born on the 2nd of May 1849 and died 28 Dec. 1851. Daughter Marianna was born on 14 Aug. 1851. She, too, must have died early, although no record was found, as the next daughter was also a Marianna born on 14 Aug. 1853 and died shortly after on the 9th of Oct. The last child of this union was Julianna, born 23 May 1855-died 24 May 1855. On this date, the mother of these children, Agnes, also passed away.

From Johann Gralla's 2nd wife, Josepha Hilla, he had two children; Francisca, 27 Sep 1856, and Maria, 8 Mar. 1858 and on the 31st of Mar., his 2nd wife passed away at age 22 with complications from childbirth.

Johann then married Agnes Kochanek, daughter of Joseph Kochanek on 22 Jun 1858, when he was 31, and she was 19.

Their children included: Julianna, born 20 May 1859, who died on 9 Jul. 1859, Peter, born 5 Oct. 1860 and Catharina, born 17 Nov. 1862, Thomas, born 18 Dec. 1864, who died on 1 Feb. 1865, Juliana, born 18 May 1865, Johannes, 13 May 1866, and Julianna, 18 May 1868.

The Grallas from the town of Luboschütz and the parish of Opole, are small in number. There are some indications that they originate from a larger group of Grallas from the town of Lugnian. Gralla immigrants to the United States include Grallas from Lugnian and Opole.

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