Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lunch Break Discoveries

For years now, I have been trying to find some evidence or clue about Francisca, my 3rd great-grandmother, Palus.  Well, my biggest problem is that I have no maiden name for her.  Just Francisca.  The parish she is from is the one I have been writing about and working on the reconstruction project. Well, in all this "reconstructing"  I have not found one entry for my people, Bernhard and Francisca Palus, parents of Eva, born abt 1833, in Nogawczyce, in Jarischau/Jaryszow parish.  But today at lunch I felt stongly to check a parish in Kotulin.  Don't ask me why...don't really know.  But the first page on the film had my Bernhard as a witness to a birth in 1826.  I quickly copied that page and kept going and aside from all the names I found to add to my project of people in "other places" which were from Jaryszow parish, I found Francisca Palus.  She and Bernhard kept witnessing for the same three couples and I followed them as they moved through three different towns.  Sieronowitz, Balzarowitz and finally the year 1833 to Nogowczyce.  I found his brother Jacob, the man through whom Dominika descends and all the Palus' I met while in Poland.  Then I found 2 of his sisters marrying in Kotulin and having kids and all kinds of stuff.  Of course, Bernhard and Francisca do not seem to marry here, but they sure spent some quality time going to mass here, it appears...So, I didn't have much time as it was only lunch but tomorrow is my personal research day.  Yeah, good timing.  I find Bernhard and Francisca, so far from 1823-1845 in this parish coming and going.  So usually in German records the woman is listed with her maiden name and married name.  Here each entry said Francisca "Palus".  So I wasn't sure, was that her maiden or married name??  Could be, don't know.  But the families they witness for, could surely be hers, but which one of the three?  And the husband or the wife?  Who is she related to?  I know Bernhard's relatives and these names weren't them, so I hope that I can figure something else out.    This is my family mystery.  It might be forever, but I haven't given up yet. 

As I looked at the map, All the towns are right next to one another and he must have moved as he found or needed new work.  Apparently Gregor, his father also lived in Sieronowitz during this time.  So they didn't move directly from Dziewkowitz to Nogowczyce, they made a few stops along the way.  So its kind of fun for me to find. Here is a link to a beautiful pic of the church:,foto.html I can't wait to see what is still to be found...

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